Waterfall Trip for Today

My #WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay is to a waterfall in Erin-Ijesha, Osun state, Nigeria. It is one of the most popular waterfall in Nigeria. Erin-Cjesha waterfall, a waterfall that had been discovered since 1140 AD. This waterfall experience is the best outing so far. I love the fact that I met some other people at this waterfall. Knowing fully well that no man is still alive that was when the this waterfall was discovered is a memorable thing. Which implies 100 years from now there might not be any one of us still existing.

Hanging out with friends in these kind of place is a memorable experience. The cleanliness of the water is so amazing, we had fun. We took some pictures had a couple of picnic settings afterwards. To be frank I love this outing and in the end everyone was happy.

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