Faulting Crypto for a Falling Currency

It is a #Wednesdaywalk by @detlev, a day to just get a capture of what the day was about. How the day began with a smile and ended with joy. However, today will not be usual as I will rant about the situation of my locality and how everyone is in a very difficult time. I am not an exception in the hardship the country is currently facing. All and sundry are currently lamenting about what the country is currently going through. I will begin with two very important thing that actually affect everyone. Either the high class, middle class or lower class.

  1. Petroleum: It is obvious that transportation is the second most vital thing in every country after food. After every man feeds the very next thing is to move and go find what the family will feed on. In this process he transport himself from one place to another. Being a crude oil producing country without a working refinery, it is very well normal for scarcity to be from time to time. That is the case this very period. My #WednesdayWalk to a petrol station where vehicles queued for fuel in this century is not very much an ease for the citizens.

  2. Exchange Rate: The stability or growth of a country's economy is sometimes determined by the number of exportation being greater or equal to the net total of importation. Obviously the high trade deficit between Nigeria and especially China will cause a devaluation of the country's currency. Consequently, this is presently causing and inflation increment in recent time.

The rise in the USD against the country's currency is blamed on cryptocurrency. Though, the past administration frowns at cryptocurrency. Rght this moment we do not know what the present one will do.

At the end of my #Wednesdaywalk, I saw the sun setting so I chose to do a capture of the beautiful sunset, because the sun will rise again tomorrow. So, I believe in the hope for tomorrow, a hope for a better tomorrow. An unstoppable better next day.



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