A Heavy rain a Heavy Erosion

My #Wednesdaywalk was at Ogun state, in Nigeria. There was actually a heavy rain. The rain lasted for about two hours thirty minutes. It stopped a lot of local activities though

One major thing I observed was that there is no drainage system on both sides of the road. Which made the erosion pass through the only available space. That is the middle of the road. Erosion is defined the washing away of the top part of the soil. Which implies the top part of this soil is being washed away. Consequently destroying the road and making it in bad shape thereby preventing easy passage of motorists. I can bet it that if nothing is done about this in the mean time the road will become worst and walking would even be difficult.

Despite the fact that this region is a rural area. It is obvious that this community leaders are not doing anything reasonable and are not foreseeing the damage that this will cause in the nearest fusture. A community that have leaders with a bright mind will know that it is important that all road should be motorable either rural or urban.

At this time the heavy rain has subsided. However, moving around would still be difficult as everywhere will be wet and slippery. I didn’t drive to this location because of the bad road.


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