I am alive challenge #9: June 6, 2022 just


A lovely evening to everyone. I have missed a few days on this challenge due to a stressful week. But I am alive and thriving. We hope this week turns out well. Today has been fairly good. My learners are coping. Looks like this week will be better. Today has been uneventful so will tell you about my weekend.


On Thursday, my coworkers and
I had to walk to another town for an orientation. We descended the mountain. It was a very long walk. It took us about 1hr 20mins to get to the community below, with few stops. Without stopping, we could've used 1hr. We could have opted for a bus or motorcycle but using that means is very expensive. This is because, there is only one road out of this place.


The path is well laid though, with rocks looking like they were strategically placed there as steps. There is a stream that flows through the mountain to this place. Very clean with little fishes.
There are farms on the sloping land. I wonder how the farming is because I for one can't work there without the anxiety of slipping into the valley.



Descending wasn't as difficult as climbing. I thought my legs would fall off!!. It took us 2hrs 10mins to climb back up. The stops this time were too much because my female co-worker didn't have a lot of strength. It was fun though I don't think I would try it again.

I stayed in bed the whole weekend because I came down with a cold. My thighs and calf needed to rest too.
Have a great night. And always always remember to smile.

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