see you next tuesday

Hello and welcome to all the readers

A good start of the day. Weather was cloudy most of the day.
Work was good and not that hectic.

In the evening, i went out to do my shopping and actifit steps.

I have completed all my online tasks for the day.

Time to just relax.

Ok, larry let's talk :-).


I have done 4/5 tasks today.

Task 1 - listnerds

I have opened and clicked more than 10 posts to complete the task.

Task 2 - leadsleap

Did not complete the task.

Task 3 - trafficadbar

surfed required sites to complete the task.

Task 4 - freeadvertisingforyou

surfed required sites to complete the task.

Task 5 - infinitytrafficboost

surfed more than 10 sites to earn surf boost and complete the task.

Note: For more details on the contest read this post - @lukeisalive/wkldzqrt

thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias

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