Introducing The New Larry Is Alive Contest.

Larry The Post Man is here and we have set up the new Larry Is Alive contest.

Introducing Larry The PostMan.png

There is still several things I need to for the daily contest posts and the comments but at least there is a workable contest. I will get the rest of everything done as we move forward, at worst there will be some basic looking posts about it.

In the video I go over the sites and requirements for each one and how the whole contest entries will be done. Since there is no longer a scavenger hunt with TE's in it I have chosen some sites that are fairly consistently getting conversions. The sites will remain the same unless it comes to a point that one is not working out for what ever reason, at that point we have the option of switching the site out for another site that will fit in with what we are doing.

How to earn tickets

There are a possible 12 tickets per day that can be accumulated.

1-6 I will give 1 ticket for each site that you complete the task for that site. If you complete all 5 I will give you 1 extra ticket for a total of 6 tickets in total.

7-8 I will give 1 ticket if you put 250 words in your entry post for the contest and I will give 1 more if you put 500 words in your post.

9 I will give you 1 ticket for showing the lead capture page you are promoting while you are doing the contest.

10 You should always be tracking your stats so I will give you 1 ticket if you show your tracking for the page you are promoting.

11-12 I will give you 2 more tickets if in your post you include a video with something about the contest. I don't require it to be on all of the steps in the contest but it does need to have something to do with the contest and not just some random video.

Sites and Requirements

These are listed in to particular order you can do any or all of them in any order you want.

First site is ListNerds if you are not a member you can click the banner below. From the inbox you need to click on 10 emails to qualify for 1 ticket and show proof of your work.


Example of proof: You don't need the arrows but this is from the task page showing that you completed the daily task.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 005837.png

Second site is Leads Leap, again if you are not a member you can click on the banner below. Once inside you will need to click on 10 Ads to qualify for 1 ticket and show a screen show from the dashboard displaying the clicks and date. you can see from the screen shot below and if you watch the video.


As you can see the number circled is the clicks and the arrow is pointing at the date of the clicks so this is perfect for proof.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 011920.png

Third site is Traffic Ad Bar, click on the banner if you need a membership. This one is the biggest task in that you need to click on 25 Ads to qualify for 1 ticket.


Here is a good example of screen shot proof.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 025019.png

The forth site is Free Advertising For You, click the banner to sign up. There are many types of Ads on this site you can click on a combination of any of the ten in the stats box shown below and in the video.


Here is an example of a screen shot for proof a combination of 10 of any of the Ads seen below.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 013520.png

The fifth site is Infinity Traffic Boost, click on the banner to join. You will need to surf 10 sites to qualify for 1 ticket and show a screen shot from the dashboard like or after you complete the 10 site like the examples you see below.


Below you will see the 2 examples of screen shots that are good for proof.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 001318.png

Screenshot 2022-04-07 001845.png

I hope everyone has fun with the new Larry Is Alive Contest and I look forward to seeing and rewarding your posts.

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