I Am Alive Challenge - Start Making Videos - Easy Guide With Tutorials

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Hi there and welcome to this guide about making videos for the #IAmAliveChallenge.

What Is This About?

This guide has been made to make it easy for anyone to start making videos on Hive as part of their participation in the #IAmAliveChallenge, and if you want to know what the challenge itself is about just scroll down and click the link to the official guide for the challenge.

Why Make Videos On Hive?

To grow as a content creator and to challenge yourself to keep on growing starting to make videos is one thing that really stands out in this regard.

It's a completely different medium to master compared to making posts and articles, and it involves much more than being good at writing, you could even be bad at writing and good at making videos for that matter.

In addition to this making videos by putting yourself on camera, speaking to your followers and the people you engage with creates a much stronger connection, and it does so a lot faster than anything that you can write.

On camera there is no way for you to hide, the viewers see you, the good, the bad and the ugly, all of it, and that might be scary, but it's also honest and that is what your viewers will connect with.

So do not be afraid of showing yourself on camera, you are showing yourself every day in your day to day life, to your family and friends, your coworkers and people you meet in your daily activities, why not on Hive?

Making videos and publishing them on Hive will most likely also speed up your journey on Hive, you will get a deeper connection with more people, with more engagement and this also help you grow your Hive Power faster.

How To Make Videos On Hive?

So in this section we will look at the actual HOW to make videos on Hive, and first you will see some basic instructions in this post, and then links to posts and videos with guides and tutorials for making videos on Hive, and this will also be updated with new info, plus more guides and tutorials as we keep growing this guide.

How To Record Your Video?

The easiest way to start is just using your smartphone to record your videos with, you got a good enough camera and microphone to start with.

Get familiar with your phones built in camera app, how it works when recording videos, how you should best hold it so your arm does not kill you after a few minutes, and that your hand is not in the way for the camera or the microphone.

Next you want to find a good location to shoot, and if you are indoors you might even find a good place to stand the phone at and eliminate the need to hold it.

The first thing to think about is the lightning, you want the strongest light source around you to shine straight at your face, and if outside this is usually the sun itself, though direct sunlight might be too strong, so you can film a bit later in the afternoon, or find some shadow, but still make sure that the light shines up your face properly.

After that you want to be in a quiet location, not too much noise around, if any, and if you are outside you also want to stay out of the wind.

Once you have all of that just hit the record button and start recording your video, and yes you will suck at first, but if you don't stop you will keep on growing as you make more videos.

How To Edit Your Video?

Usually the file manager for your phone have some basic video cutting capabilities, but if you want more than that there is a free app called YouCut, it is made for Android phones, and if you use an iPhone search for InShot, it's made by the same developer but focused more on shorter videos.

YouCut makes it very easy to edit your video, and it does not leave a watermark, plus a guide for this app can be found below.

How To Publish Your Video?

To publish your video on the Hive blockchain you have 3 dapps that are native to Hive for this, 3speak, Dapplr and DTube.

Guides and tutorials for how to use them can be found below.

Guides And Tutorials

Here you have guides and tutorials for making videos on Hive, and you can get more information about Hive in the Hive Affiliates Community, what you see here is the parts that are relating to videos specifically.

That is the guides and tutorials that we have about making videos on Hive for now, but more will be added as we go, and feel free to ask and also to suggest a subject to make a guide about, or make one yourself and publish it in the Hive Affiliates Community if you have the knowledge and we will add it.

Hive Video Masters

We have also created a video mentorship program which you can join in the Hive Video Masters Discord, and an ebook which shows how to create and publish your first video on Hive to go along with it, download it here, Hive Video Masters Ebook.

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I Am Alive Challenge - The Guide

What is the #IAmAliveChallenge about, and how does it all work, and how can you join it?

See our guide for answers to all those questions, and also how to get support and answers to any question that you might have.

The 4 basic points to take part in the #IAmAliveChallenge, and use the #alive tag to post in the We Are Alive Tribe.

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