Why I Enjoy Posting on Dapplr

That's the screenshot of my profile on @dapplr. I chose that color as I love green. Plus, it makes it easier to view via dark mode for me.

Another week is ahead of us. I look forward to sharing more posts via @dapplr. Working alone at the office, despite being a Philippine holiday, I decided to share a post on how I create on @dapplr.
I like using it for a number of reasons. First, it's a mobile dApp for Hive. Second, I use my mobile to take photos and record videos. That makes it easy for me to add those using @dapplr. Last, it saves me time. Well, some anyway. I'll share more below.

I put together the above video on how to create on @dapplr. I hope it helps those who will be testing it out for the first time. You can actually add four photos or videos at a single time. In my case, I would add only one at a time. You can alternate photos and videos to make a nice presentation.

Here are some tips from my use. I usually use an old app on my cp - videoshow- to compress my videos. I do admit that at times uploading videos takes a little bit more time, as sometimes the video doesn't upload fast. I just try a few times until it goes in. There's the preview tab where you can view your post prior to posting.

There was an issue the last time I tried uploading a photo too. It gets uploaded, but it does not show properly on preview. It showed though when I viewed my post on peakd. Lately, I discovered that by editing my photo on another old app I use -photogrid- my photo gets uploaded without an issue. I think it's a file size issue.

All in all, I would say that I really like using @dapplr. I will continue using it, esp. for my #iamalivechallenge (IAAC) videos.

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