Alive Engagement Contest - Win 200 Hive Power Every Day - CLOSED For Entries - June 24, 2021

This is the daily prize drawing for the Alive Engagement Contest of June 24, 2021.

Alive Engagement Contest Video
Graphic made in Desygner, video hosted on Odysee, click the graphic above to watch the video.

Welcome to the Daily Prize Drawing for the Alive Engagement Contest of June 24, 2021, watch the video above to see the drawing for today.

Note: Here is Alive Chat for today, We Are Alive - Alive Chat June 24, 2021 - Todays Chat Host @lisamgentile1961 Starts At 15 GMT

Lisa also picked @edgerik to be chat host tomorrow.

Alive Engagement Contest

The Alive Engagement Contest is a way to get more engagement on posts and videos that takes part in the #IAmAliveChallenge, and it is open for everyone to participate, also people outside of the #IAmAliveChallenge.

We have 2 daily winners in the drawing.

  1. First prize is a 4 week lease made on Dlease for a 200 Hive Power delegation.
  2. Second prize is a 1000 ALIVE Power delegation for 4 weeks, and delegated from our stake.

All you have to do to take part is.

  1. Go to the Daily Spotlight post that is linked below, upvote it and make a meaningful comment on it.
  2. Make a comment on this post in the comment section below, and include the username for the person in todays Daily Spotlight.

Once this post is closed for new entries we will update the title to say CLOSED.

Do also note that if your post is the Daily Spotlight then you can not participate since you can not engage with yourself.

Participants For Alive Engagement Contest Today


See the video above for who the winners are.

Daily Spotlight

The Daily Spotlight is a post or video from a participant in the #IAmAliveChallenge, and this is todays daily spotlight.

350th contribution for IAmAliveChallenge initiative. 24th June 2021

  • In this video @certain completes his day 350 for the #IAmAliveChallenge, a big congratulations to him, and he also talks about the vaccinations in his area, check it out.

Screenshot from PeakD

New Participants Today

Please welcome our new participants to the #IAmAliveChallenge, and we are now a total of 301 participants.

No new participants today.

Thank you very much for joining the #IAmAliveChallenge, stay safe, awesome and alive.

The Guide

What is the #IAmAliveChallenge about, and how does it all work, and how can you join it?

See our guide for answers to all those questions, and also how to get support and answers to any question that you might have.

Get better at making content, and grow as a content creator, check out Hive Affiliates Community - The Guide, it currently has over 60 guides and tutorials for this, and it keeps on growing.

If you want to start making videos check out, I Am Alive Challenge - Start Making Videos - Easy Guide With Tutorials, and start making videos in no time, we are also working on the Hive Videos Masters, a mentorship program to start making videos, more info coming soon.

The 4 basic points to take part in the #IAmAliveChallenge.

Use #alive tag to post in We Are Alive Tribe.

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Team Alive

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Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post and for supporting or maybe even participating in the #IAmAliveChallenge and the Alive Engagement Contest, this was all updates for today, and ...

Stay Safe, Awesome and Alive!

Team Alive

Written by @flaxz

This is all my own opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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