I Am Alive Challenge Day #75 - November 21 2020

on my way to work

Woke up at 6am. Bathed, ate and dressed up for work. Was about leaving the house at 7:30am when my boss called. He had somewhere to go so he will call and ask me to come upon his return. I undressed and decided to wait for his call. Watched some movies whiles waiting and was on WhatsApp too.


At 12, he called that he was back home. I left the house to go and meet him at his house after eating lunch. We packed the necessary tools and went to the location we will be working at. It’s the same place we went to on Thursday. We didn’t finish with the work so we came to continue. I’m still getting the hang of it, but still a bit slow. Hopefully, I will get better much sooner.


Closed at 6 and I sent the tools back to my bosses house . I got home at 6:50pm. Shortly after getting home, my friend called and said he was coming over. He came around 7:30and we had a chat. I went to escort him at 8 and got back at 8:30pm. I came to eat dinner and I’ve been watching movies since.

went to escort my friend

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