Thank God for the successful camp program, some time i don't take pleasure in attending one program to another but my measure interest is the result because the Bible says that the kingdom of God is not only by words but of power, it's not how much word of God you preach that matters to somebody like me but the results there off.

   In this program i come to understand that what trigger's the move off God is not all about constant prayers or fasting but the heart of the people once the heart of the people is correct God finds an expression to do his work among them, before any man or any woman will receive anything from the Lord his or her heart most be prepared and one of the things that prepare the heart of man to receive is the word of God. (Faith come by hearing of the word of God ) so we are out to study the word very well as children of God.

The program lasted for three days and that three days was three days of 🔥 encounter the presence of God was so strong in our miste of his people, actually i felt that is the kind of program we need at this point in time.

   If we will experience anything call revival in this our generation there most be men and women that will make up their minds to pay the price, yes of course nothing goes for nothing so the saints most pray.

Thanks for reading my post.

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