Hive Goals and Progress - Week 46 - mission accomplished

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My weekly HIVE & HE Report


This post is my weekly update of my goal and the frost progress of my Hive account. It is a submission for the weekly Share Your Hive Goals - And Track Your Progress From Last Week topic. If you want to know more about the We are Alive chat, have a look here.


Mission accomplished! The 1000 are full, that annual goal achieved. Here it goes to my post about it.
Everything that comes now is bonus. A new goal will follow in the new year, now I enjoy the time without a goal and write as I feel like it.

Start valueGoalEffective valueChange
955.9141'0001'032.570+ 76.656

Due to the current events around the FTX crash, which also affects Hive, I have decided to liquidate my HBD Savings and convert all HBD into liquid HIVE from now on. Therefore this target is no longer available.


I haven't set a goal for ALIVE yet, so I'm just measuring my progress here.

Start valueNew valueChange
1'444.2551'458.639+ 14.384


I haven't set a goal for BEE yet. The increase of BEE fluctuates very strongly, why this is so I do not know exactly. But here I would like to try to get to 100 BEE by the end of the year. That means a weekly increase of 1,385 BEE.

Start valueGoalEffective valueChange
96.22497.60998.498+ 2.274


As mentioned, I have reached the first big goal, now I have to think about the further way. In due time will certainly follow a corresponding contribution.
Until the end of the year I still have to reach my BEE goal, but I will manage that as well.

I have started to accumulate liquid HIVE or Swap.hive. For this I sold something from my Splinterlands collection and pay out a part of the GLX Rewards and the SPS Rewards.
I will need the funds later and currently the HIVE is very cheap...more soon :D

I look forward to your comments & thank you for every reblog and every upvote!

Good luck with your goals and see you soon.


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