Tipping BBH is a great choice on Hive


I have been thinking about how i wish to proceed with the @heartbeatonhive project as well as continuing to grow this account as well.

One of the things i really been focusing on is the reward side of things on Hive.

I have noticed that from rewarding people for comments and offering prize draws it really creates an avenue of earning for people.

Right now with the way the world is i think revenue avenues really need to be created more and more.

See nearly everything that proposes to help you make money online these day always leaves out the most important information and really has been created to make someone a profit.

It is not really for an individual as an end user to make money rather it has been created to make someone a profit and you the end user get a small bit of compensation.

This often means you will burn a ton of time or funds to really get a realistic amount of earnings to cover your costs.

This is what makes Hive so special anyone can come along create and account join some communities and create an income avenue for others.

It may take a bit of time, there will be lot's to learn and you may have to put lots of working parts together put when you start getting into this stuff it makes sense.

I purchased some Bitcoin Backed Hive or otherwise known as BBH it is actually a tipping bot you can call command ! you need at least a 1000 to call it once.

The price is very reasonable for a bot and so it is a great token to purchase as owning 10,000 will mean you can tip 10 people.


I sent 20000 to @heartbeatonhive so commenting there will earn you 1 BBH as this is a token i intend to have as a reward staple.

@bradleyarrow is the person to see if you have any questions about Bitcoin Backed Hive

Great opportunities to help others are hard to come by but small opportunities are all around us every single day.


Larry is Alive Contest

Larry is Alive And Delivers Get Paid To Find Him Daily.

Larry The Postman has taken over from Luke, and the hunt is now Larry Delivers, and if you take part in the contest you have a chance to win 4 week delegations of 1000 CTP and 1000 ALIVE.

First i travelled to Listnerds and read over 10 emails and here is the proof.
I intend on spending much more time this week at Listnerds trying to catch up on emails.


I have been collecting some nice amount from Listnerds now everyday , i hit the 13k mark, it also helps me get eyes on @heartbeatonhive project

Then i went to Leads Leap and surfed 10 ads this is a pretty simple task i really like this website and it is where i am hosting my page.



Next i headed over to Traffic Ad Bar to surf over 25 pages you can promote many links here so if you have multiple projects this may help.


Next i travelled to Free Advertising For You for at least 10 ad views, i always go for the 25 needed.

Then i headed to Infinity Traffic Boost for the last 10 ads and a home run on the Larry is Alive completing all 5 tasks yay me 🤣


That is it use #larryisalive and share your journey and proof to get rewared on Hive and to be in a chance to win 1000 CTP and 1000 ALIVE delegation for 4 weeks.

If you are looking for web traffic or exposure Larry delivers daily.

Simply share your adventures with us in either a full post or as a added feature in another post.

Made in Canva

- @benthomaswwd - Moderator

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