Larry is Alive And Delivers Get Paid To Find Him Daily


The Contest

Larry is Alive And Delivers Get Paid To Find Him Daily.

So Larry The Postman has taken over from Luke, and the hunt is now Larry Delivers, and if you take part in the contest you have a chance to win 4 week delegations of 1000 CTP and 1000 ALIVE.

First you go to Listnerds and read at least 10 emails and provide us with proof here is mine.

Next you need to go to Leads Leap and surf 10 ads

Next we head over to Traffic Ad Bar to surf over 25 pages


Then we go to Free Advertising For You for at least 10 ad views

Finally we head to Infinity Traffic Boost for the last 10 ads and a home run

That is it use #larryisalive and share your journey and proof to get rewared on Hive and to be in a chance to win 1000 CTP and 1000 ALIVE delegation for 4 weeks.

If you are looking for web traffic or exposure Larry delivers daily.

Simply share your adventures with us in either a full post or as a added feature in another post.

Today i caught up on a lot of emails and increased my engagement on the web in general turning my Facebook into a Hive content holder.

I plan to do this with other social media accounts as well well that is it from me today please check out my curation collection for Larry is Alive on @heartbeatonhive

Made in Canva

- @benthomaswwd - Moderator

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