Learn About Click Through Rates

If you are on an entrepreneur journey it is important to learn everything you can to succeed by improving your knowledge and skills daily.

What is a Click Through Rate?

Simply put click through rates are important as they are the most common metric for measuring engagement in an email campaign.

It is also commonly referred to by it's abbreviation CTR and basically measures the emails sent out compared to the emails delivered.

The CTR is always a percentage that tells you how many emails sent achieved at least one open from a subscriber.

This helps us understand if an email campaign was successful in encouarging the recipient to open and take action.

Why does it matter?

If you want any real success with your email marketing there should be several things you are doing. Tracking your marketing using tracking links and monitoring the results of your email campaign through CTR are just the basics to understand how it is going.

Having this knowledge will save you time and money as well as help you understand the changes you may need to make to be more successful.

When you track your marketing and monitor your click through rate this will also help you learn which advertising platforms work and which don't, unfortunately not all platforms provide what they promise.

It does not matter who you deal with either unfortunately most platforms use bots or provide fake numbers to make their platform more appealing to advertiser.

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Thanks for reading

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