Larry is Alive New Location

Larry is Alive

Larry is Alive is a daily contest here on Hive that takes place by visiting 1-5 locations around the internet and at the moment there is 6 to choose from.

Then simply create a post on Hive as proof of your activity.

Use these three tags for your post.

This will help you generate daily web traffic to any website link you choose as well as help you earn on Hive, you are also entered into a prize draw.

What's The Benefits?

There are many benefits to finding Larry👇

Build Your Brand
Build An Email List Of Subscribers
Use your email list to recommend affiliate tools and services and earn commissions on the sales that it generates.
Use your list to promote your blog on Hive and get more upvotes and engagement from an increase in visitors.
Get paid in Hive, CTP and ALIVE tokens for posting your Proof Of Larry on the blockchain.
Win great prizes in the daily #LarryIsAlive contest, run on the @lukeisalive account.
Earn money and crypto.

The New Location
Above is the original post by @maddogmike that explains the rules regarding the new stop.

I actually heard about this new spot from a post created by @mypathtofire 11 days ago so i used his link to join up as soon as i had the time.

@mypathtofire explains it very well in his post and i know there will be many more others doing the same.

I think rather than just repeating the same information that is already out there i will just explain what has happened from my experience so far.

It has been less than 24 hours since i signed up and connected my Hive account to the CTPX website which was all very simple to do.

I added a couple of links to the website i wanted to promote and went exploring i have only spent a few minutes here and there to explore and have won the hourly prize that is given out twice.

The website is easy to use and the dashboard is simple to navigate.

I have levelled up to 20 overall i just have not referred anyone yet but i have started sending web traffic to my splash pages.

It is early days but so far i am pretty impressed and look forward to exploring it more over the next few days.

If you are on Hive already the this is a no brainer, you can use it to not only earn CTP tokens but to also get more vistors to your own posts or pages.

Join below for FREE by clicking the image

Let me know in the comments if you joined my team and i will send you a free reward here on Hive.

Next i went to Listnerds this is another location and a sister site to CTPX i mentioned before and like CTPX they are both powered on the blockchain.

Again if you join using the banner above let me know and i will send you a reward.

Are you looking for more ways to earn Tokens on Hive?

I created a project on Hive helping to support people on their journey Alive and Thriving on Hive, earn regular rewards just for being active in the We Are Alive Tribe.

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