Focusing On The Base Chakra


Using The Power of Chakras

If you want any enlightenment you have to start at the base, this goes for any path in life.

Using the power of chakras is to incorporate it into your daily life.

To do this you need to to raise your awareness of each chakra over a period of time. It is recommended you spend a week on each one ending in a 7 week program but if needs be you can spread it out more.

It is good to keep a journal of this process to help you gain more insight into your nature and to learn if there is balance in your chakras.

If you write down your thoughts, experiences, dreams and fears you will make connections between incidents that may happen during this time.

These are commonly known as "A-ha" moments where you will start to see patterns of behaviour that you may have been unaware of that can only really come from writing down the process.

Your journal should not be a chore so just have it close at hand so you can write down thoughts and ideas. Just let your creativity flow and include things you have read and things people have said to influence you.


If this is a journey you are interested in taking let me know in the comments and we can do this together.

Obviously this is Wednesday and really we want to be beginning this at the start of the week. Monday 4th July 22.

Plus that gives me a chance to get stuff ready should anyone wish to join me on this journey.

But i am doing this anyway.


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This post is later than expected as we had an house inspection that took ages and he was late. ๐Ÿคช

Hope You Are ๐Ÿ‘‡

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