marsh iris beauty (5 macro shots)

My wife and I adore irises a lot. Ten years ago, we planted about a dozen different interesting varieties of irises at our country house garden, and over time ... they all degenerated, stopped blooming. But wild-growing irises - we have two types of them on our site: purple and marsh yellow - they feel great, each year there are more and more of them.


Photographing irises is an interesting job; on the one hand it is not so easy to get a perfect capture, but on the other hand, no matter what photo you take, you still get a huge iris beauty in the end. Paradox?...


The beauty of a withering flower is characteristic of irises to the fullest.


Unfortunately, as I wrote above, other types of irises in our garden are no longer bloom and do not feel good, and I cannot take a fresh photo of their flowers; the variety of my shots is limited to small purple and yellow marsh irises. And garden, decorative varieties of irises look much more luxurious.



Group portrait. This is how these irises grow and multiply (they multiply perfectly!) in my country house, without requiring any care and extra feeding. Not like the pictures above, this capture I make with a wide-angle lens. It also has excellent bokeh, but - its advantages are that it shows the big picture in whole, but it is less successful for an individual portrait. "Feel the difference."

location: Vyritza, Russia June 2022 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 5D Sigma 150mm 2.8 raw-conv
f 2.8 t 1/400 ISO 100


All images taken by me, copyright (c) @qwerrie
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