Oxalis Triangularis Proper care and propagation.


  • Oxalis triangular is best known to us as a butterfly plant because of its butterfly leaves configurations.



Hello, flower community,

I have here today a kind Of flowering plant, for those who still don't know this kind of plant it has elegant butterfly-shaped leaves with tiny light purple flowers that open during the day and folds at night time. You can propagate them in two ways.


  • using its bulbs.


you can easily propagate them by bulbs you just have to do is take some from its mother plant, plant it just a few inches away from the top to let it sprouts easily.

take note that you can split the bulbs into the tiniest pieces since they can be grown from the tiniest size.

  • using its petiole.


you can propagate them also by using its petiole .first step is to take some matured leaf stalk and place it on a container pour on the water a few inches from the base, replace the water once in two weeks let it stays until roots appear. After they are rotted do the same way as the bulb method in planting them.

take note that doesn't expect all of the petioles can survive they're very delicate and sometimes got rotten when in water.


  • Make sure that when planting this kind of plant use loamy soil with proper drainage.
    , best when a partial shade and just water every other day.

Here is an example of how they look when place in full sun.


and in a partial shade.


So which method do you prefer the most? Me? I always do the bulb method I feel like they have more survival chances.

I'm very open to more suggestions please don't hesitate to comment down 😉

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