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Everything begins with an idea- Earl Nightingale

Ideas creep into our minds like flashes of lightning and at times we swipe them away because we don't see the big picture. An idea keeps appearing if you are to build on it. It will always find its way back into your mind until you pay attention to pick it.

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I love being creative, well, I guess everyone does, there is no limit to our creative self, as long as the idea keeps coming, we have to keep being creative, exploring, embracing, nurturing our creative instincts and allowing them to flourish to our unique taste.

There is an immense satisfaction I receive whenever people enjoy my creations and this is not limited to anything in particular. Like I said, I love being creative in the kitchen (developing recipes) and writing, just as the inspiration keeps coming, again, not limited to these two I mentioned. I realised the recipes I created were enjoyed by all who tasted them (both family and friends), my university days are not an exception and at times, it felt like the medicine they sought, and it felt good that I had a solution for them. They requested recipes and I was glad to share. The aroma of my food creation exposed my presence, lol. It was like a signature I was known for in the university.

There are times that the visions in my mind feel so close that I can feel them come alive, owning their space, shining bright like an undimmable light and seeming so much to control.

It can't remain an idea forever, it doesn't want to be in the shadows, it seeks light and as it's my idea, I alone can bring it to the light it longs for.

This is something dear to me and dear to the people who have waited for it and more people who will desire it and love to stay connected. It's a win-win. They desired to learn from me, to become better at baking and cooking, they requested it, and then my desire to create and put it out to the world for the audience to digest began in my mind. It will be a step-by-step process.

The People Need More

It won't only be in written form, it will increase your hunger. I know you need more but images won't be enough. I need to create more for you, so videos will be added. I know you will love it, a combination of written and visual content. I love creating images with Canva but I recently started playing with Midjourney and I love this image I created and shared on DBuzz to fit into my quote (I get inspired to write them). I would love to do more with both design tools to pop out my images for illustration where necessary.

For videos, I love to use PowerDirector to edit videos and I love working with it. You can check out the first I created with it on YouTube. So, I will be sharing videos from time to time on 3SPEAK and also on YouTube, more YouTube shorts as I shared on threads. I have also edited videos with Canva and did a joint editing with PowerDirector and Canva, it was cool. It takes me hours and at times minutes depending on the length of the video and the professional touch I choose to give it.

This Is Special, It Means More

You can't see anyone's idea unless it is shown to you.- Winanda

Everyone has something they are passionate about. It could even be more than one.
I would say this is a long-awaited pickup, there has been a start and a pause on Web2 but this time around it's coming to the real Web3, Hive and that's the difference, which means more audience looking forward to having my creations and recreating them for families and friends, having to connect with you all will be amazing. There are other ideas to pick as we live on Hive, but let's do this first.

This is my entry to the Week 1 CWH-DREEMPORTFOLIO Challenge stated here and began here.

You might have learned something from this blog but that's not all, I also want you to have a feeling of resonation about it.

There's more, where? Watch out for it as we stay connected.

I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

Here is something I want you to know (I also shared this on threads some days ago):

Designed by me on Canva

Now you have it, always keep that in mind.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog today.


Love from @winanda 💗

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