My Love Experience, before I go wild

It all happens in many years ago, i was driving a bicycle and right before I could crossed the village bending corner, I saw her with a plastic rubber, containing doughnuts, she was a daughter of a doughnuts seller, it was the business that her family used for survival, many people go to her mother's shop and buy's in bulk.

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The light that shines within her were difference and I knew that I have seen an angel which makes my heart to beat in many ways, even while I was cycling so fast, the bicycle pedals became stiff, I saw my legs rolling in the pedals slowly, it was something I couldn't control, and I was just like that for a while, on top of a bicycle but not much rolling, there was no much cash on me, because I didn't plan on buying anything on the road, my going out was just about the bicycle that I wanted to drive around.

But I was happy I went out with a little cash, at least, that makes me to buy her doughnuts, she told me they only sells in bulks but she's going to sell for me, because she hasn't seen my face around here before.

It was on christmas season and by then I was 19 years old, although I can not still remembers her face, but I could remember that, I felt something for her, I was not bold enough to pronounced the way I feels to her, but I guessed she was able to understand that, I wanted to be her friend.

After she wrapped the three doughnut I bought in a white waterproof for me, she went ahead but her eyes caught mine staring at her heavily, she then smile and since then, i have been trying to imitate her smile but I couldn't, she smiles in styles, to me, everything she did within that moment we spent together, I find them welcoming in my heart.

I felt she was struggling so much so I asked her to keep the doughnuts on the bicycle, she told me, she was taking it to her mother's shop and that, selling doughnut was her family business, my brother was cycling with me on the same village road, he saw me talking to her, and he understands that we were not in competition anymore, after all, I won him already because, I would have been the first person to reach out Grandma's house, if not that I saw an angel.

She rode my bicycle and my brother carry's me on his bicycle, I didn't asked her her name then I let the loud voice out in asking, she replied, her name was peace, we reached her mom's shop and she gave the doughnuts to her mom, her mom thank me for helping her and that was the day i became friends with peace, she used to come to my grandma's place and see me but the friendship only lasted the moment i spent there, because we went back and since then, I haven't seen her again, she didn't had a phone, I wished it was now, we would have exchanged numbers.

I have been trying to search her name on social media but I have never had a clue, I do think about it like, "even if I saw her on the internet, would I still remember her face?

I just wish I saw her, because I really want to asked, "what did she do to me back there on the village bending road that makes my heart to beat more than a bicycle pedals?".

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