Newbies Task 8: Recounting My Goals Plus Feedback

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A couple of months ago (about eight weeks ago), I was accepted to participate in a training called Newbies Initiative. This is a training organised by @starstrings01 and his team of wonderful tutors in the Hive Learners Community.

The Initiative was scheduled to last for eight weeks, and right now we have come to the end of the training programme.

Newbies Tasks

During the training we had tutorials every week, and at the end of each week's tutorial we always had tasks to carry out in order to implement what we had learnt for the week.

Task 1

The very first training that I and my fellow newbies received was about setting SMART goals, and of course there were tasks for us to do. Here is the link to my Newbies Task 1 post so that you can see more details about it.

Now To Week 8 Task

From the goals you made in your first task, recount on the progress made so far.

Here is a screenshot of the goals I set in my first task:

For my HP goal, I was able to grow to 575HP. This is below what I was targeting, but I think it is still okay because I know in about 7days or less from today, I will definitely get to 600HP.

My followers also increased to 47. That is also less than my goal, but I know I should celebrate that increase because it is something.

I was able to increase my participation in community events. Also, my posting and curation increased in consistency, but there is still room for improvement.

What was your experience like during the 8 weeks of the Newbies Initiative? What did you get to learn from the initiative.

The 8 weeks of the Newbies Initiative was an experience like no other for me.

Firstly, I got to meet several other amazing people who were new to Hive. So it was like a safe place for all of us to ask questions, learn together and support each other.

Secondly, we had team leaders who were there to encourage, guide and keep us accountable.

Thirdly, the tutorials were handled by tutors who went to great lengths to help us understand the topics, providing helpful relevant materials for more clarity. They were friendly and understanding throughout the duration of the Initiative.

There were also game nights which held a few times for social interactions. This helped greatly to foster greater connections among the participants.

The Things I Learnt
In the past eight weeks I have learnt a lot. Below is a summary, so please read on.

First of all is the importance of goals and how to set SMART goals. This is so important as I have started to apply this knowledge even outside of Hive.

I learnt how to create thumbnails to use for my content, and also how to use markdowns when creating content.

One very important thing I learnt was about securing my account through the proper use of my Hive keys. We were also taught about steps to take to recover our accounts if the need ever arises.

I also learnt some guidelines to ensure I don't do anything that would attract downvotes from the Hive police, and this includes proper sourcing of images, quotes,and other content, and a lot more.

I also learnt about tribes, tokens and tags, and also how to perform transactions on Hive Engine.

Afterwards, I was taught about tracking and Optimising my growth by using Hive efficiency tools like HiveBuzz,,, and plus how to use the F.R.I.D.A.Y bot for notifications. I was able to use to follow the Lazy-panda curation trail.

If you were to contribute one thing to make the newbies initiative perform better, what do you think you can do?

I love everything graphics. If there is ever a need to teach on graphic designs, I would definitely be glad to contribute in that area. And also if there will be a need for a team leader who will help to keep newbies accountable and focused, I will be glad to help as well.

Participating in the Newbies Initiative Batch 1 of 2024 has brought me in contact with so many beautiful people who voluntarily offered their knowledge, strength and time for us to stand on to grow.

All I can say is that your contributions and efforts are much appreciated, and I will always be grateful for this opportunity to learn from you and grow. Thank you for every support you offered to ensure it was a smooth process for us. God bless you abundantly.

I want to appreciate you, dear reader, for following my journey to this point. Thanks for always engaging with my posts.

I have written this post as my response to Newbies Initiative Task 8. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, and I will get back to you.

The thumbnail used in this post is an image designed by me in Canva.

Thank you once again.

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