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Hi all friends!!!

On this occasion I would like to write about my hometown. As we know, people who live in villages and urban areas are very much different, especially different from the way they speak their language and the association they have. For village children, of course, the association is very unique and interesting, because they have a fairly broad playing style and very close friendships when we live in a village.

It's different from us living in the city, our children are always at home without any friends to play with and we often see this both in movies and in the real world. The problem is that I myself live in a village and feel the association in the village is very much different from city kids. What distinguishes it is only the style of speech, but village children, in my opinion, are more authoritative and independent from what I see.

And living in the village is also very exciting, especially because we can play in various ways, be it in the rice fields during harvest, in the river, fishing in the trenches and swimming in the big trenches, so that our parents suddenly come with a stick to beat us. so that we don't swim in that big trench anymore. Therefore, living in a village has more stories to tell from childhood than living in a city where people only hang out at home.

Secondly, living in a rural area, we can grow crops, both in front of the house and in the yard that we make for farming, such as growing spinach, pepper, aceh cucumber, watermelon, lime, papaya and several types of fruit that we can plant. in rural areas. So that the wealth of city people and village people is very much different, in my personal opinion the wealth of city people only has luxury cars and luxury houses, but village people can have quite a lot of wealth and many long-term assets such as owning rice fields, oil palm plantations , ponds and so on.

Because in my opinion, most village children who migrate to the city will become successful there, and I can clearly feel how village children leave their parents just to study and look for provisions so that they become successful children and want to develop. Because the times are growing, we have to follow the storyline, because in rural areas there are already many city people who come because they want to enjoy their old age here like my neighbors.

The name of my village is Kampung Blang Punteut, the title of Kampung Blang Punteut is because my hometown has lots of farmer's fields in it, even these fields have been opened for tourism in 2020 ago and you can search for yourself on Google, namely Rayeuk rice field tours kareng. This rice field tour was very popular at that time and the atmosphere was very lively and many people who came just wanted to take pictures and shoot videos for music realists.

So even though I live in a rural area, city children really like the beauty of the Kampung Sawah in my village. I will show a picture later above so that you can see for yourself how beautiful the rice fields in my village are. And if one day I become a billionaire, I will change my hometown to become a city and will make tours so that people get to know my hometown better.

Maybe that's all for this post, see you in my next post.


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