In my last post on HOW TO BUILD A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP ON HIVE, I said some few things in what you and I could do to build a healthy relationship and I also promised to share more with us which I'm going to be doing on this blog. Building a relationship is not hard but then building an healthy relationship is. Here on hive we have seen so many testimonies of how having healthy relationships has helped a lot of people and how they also advise others to build one too.

Here on hive we all need each other to survive, we need ourselves to achieve the best here and that's to tell us that on our own we won't go far here. In the real world, I most times feel like that's the only place I need people and I even still feel I don't really need them but coming to Hive, I realized that building a healthy relationship is vital for one's general well-being. So, I will be giving us more tips to build a healthy relationship here on hive.

Show up every day (consistency)

Here on Hive consistency is one thing you need to build a healthy relationship, people love it when you make them part of your priority. For me, I love it when I see a particular person or people always coming around my blogs, leaving their comments and all, it puts a smile on my face and most times I want to get to know more about them and through that way I've made quite some amazing friends here, I've built a relationship that I think will last for a really long time.

Try as much as you can not to be off and on, when you want to build a relationship an healthy one to be precise, you have to make sure to bring something to the table every time as much as you can, it helps strengthens that relationship and that also applies to Hive too. I don't know for others but I know that I like it when I see people give their best even when they have nothing to benefit from what they do, that alone draw me to them like a magnet, hehe.

Be Hardworking and persistent


I think these two words mostly go together, consistent and persistent so I won't try to separate them this time around too. As a Hive user who wants the best from the platform, I will advise you to learn how to be persistent no matter what. Here on hive it is not all rosy, there are thorns too and if you are not careful they will hurt you so badly that it would be hard for you to continue your journey here. Remember most of these users are humans and they live in the real world too and they have their different perspectives of things, so when things starts getting sour, don't feel discouraged to give up because that might just end up being what you've been working hard for.

Here on hive you work for what you want, nothing comes to you without hard work or smart work, you either have a healthy relationship or you have the stamina to build one if you truly want to grow healthy on the blockchain. I think it is almost impossible to grow here with having a good relationship with other users, so if you know you are a someone that doesn't like mingling with people I think that will change once you know Hive, hehe.

Be welcoming

You have to be welcoming of course if not it won't just work. To build a healthy relationship, the effort has to come from both sides to make it work. Most people feel free with others because they are welcoming, for example, when discussing with someone and you notice they seem disinterested in whatever you are saying, next time you won't want to discuss anything with them and vice versa. When we are welcoming, it gives room for us to build a healthy relationship.

I've tried my best to make myself very understandable but then if you have any questions and contributions please don't hesitate to drop them at the comment section below, I'd truly appreciate them.

Until next time, stay AWESOME!!!

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