The Road To Success is Hard and Rough: Consistency and Dedication Are Major Keys in Splinterlands

The Road To Success is Hard and Rough: Consistency and Dedication Are Major Keys in Splinterlands
Hello Splinterlands lovers and friends across the world, how are you doing today?
I was searching Splinterlands blog yesterday, just as usual. I was looking for a new update until I saw a new update. I never knew that such an update was ongoing.
Well! Without wasting time, I read the update. If you haven't read, you can click here Splinterlands GAM3 Awards Challenge
The update is all about nominating Splinterlands after registering, writing reviews and sharing them on social media platforms.
The link above will guide you step-by-step. What are you waiting for, go and make Splinterlands proud by nominating and writing your review.

Hello beginners, hope you are enjoying this awesome game. Just remember that nothing of value is free. Anything that has value must have a cost. The price must be paid for anything that has a value.
You should know that Splinterlands is a valuable asset; then, it is important to pay the price before you can enjoy it.
I'm going to talk about two prices you are going to pay before you enjoy the game.
They are:

Money- There is no investment without capital. For instance, if you want to start a business, you need money to start it. A plan without capital will result in frustration.
Therefore, you need money to invest; you need money to buy summoner's spellbook. Buying summoner's spellbook is the first step you need to take.
If you have gotten summoner's spellbook, congratulations to you.
The moment you get the summoner's spellbook, you will be given some cards to play Splinterlands. Those cards are not enough and you need to build your own card Dec. Those cards are not yours but you can use them to play. It is good to have your cards, there are people making profits by selling cards.
The moment you buy cards, those particular cards are yours.
Why do you need cards?

Let me tell you, the bigger your investment, the higher you earn by playing Splinterlands. That is the reason some players earn more than the others. The champion league players earned more. This is the reason players love to develop their cards to max-level where they can use the cards to participate in Brawl and competitions.
I'm not in the champion league but I'm craving to be there. This is my long term goal, and I believe I will get there.
You need cards because it is a card game, the cards are very vital in the game.
If you don't have money to buy cards, you can rent cards in the market. The money to rent some cards is very small. I had a friend that joined the game in 2022. He only had money to buy 20 chaos legion packs; he knew that he needed more cards in the game. He started to rent cards in the market, especially summoners. He did that for months; he realized a lot of money. He used the money to get summoners; that was how he built his cards.
Right now, he has level 4, 5 and 6 summoners.

You need money to buy packs, it is not necessary that you should get 1000 packs at once.
Thank God! Rebellion is ongoing right now; this is the best opportunity for beginners. Since the previous packs- chaos legion, AZMARE Dice. Untamed Essence Orb, beta pack, and Alpha pack are very difficult to get because they are sold out. Therefore, the easiest pack to get is rebellion.

Time management: you need to be active in playing Splinterlands. Consistency and dedication are major keys to explore in Splinterlands.
I read some players sharing their experiences in Splinterlands; I realized that even though you start a business, and there is no consistency and dedication, such a business may not grow well.
The principle of consistency and dedication is as important as the capital one uses to start a business. Imagine a businessman or businesswoman starts a business; purchases all the products he/she wants to sell. Then, locked his shop without opening it.
Even though customers want to buy goods, the moment he/she sees that the shop is locked, he/she will find another place to get what he/she wants.
That is how it is at times in Splinterlands: after you register and purchase cards or packs, it is necessary to continue playing the game.

Just like a few hours ago that season ended, I only have 10 season rewards chests of which many people that play the same league got more than 20 season rewards chests.
If you don't play, you are missing out of daily rewards chests. I couldn't get a daily reward chest for seven days because of the network failures. I have gotten rewards chests worth more than $100 by playing daily rewards chests. That is the reason I don't joke with daily and seasonal rewards chests.

I played Splinterlands everywhere. The only challenge that caused me not to play Splinterlands is network problems. I played it in my office, while I'm working or not working. It was very easy to play because I used both my phone and computer.
Whenever you pick a challenge against friends; after the battle, replay the battle, study the cards lineup, the abilities of the cards and strategies. Understand why each card is used in a particular position.
Challenge other friends until you understand it.

Join the Splinterlands community:

when I started Splinterlands, it was a Splinterlands discord channel that helped me. If you want to join Splinterlands Discord Channel, read this post to the end, you will see a link at the end, click the link. The Link will take you to discord. Make sure you install discord on your phone or computer.
After I joined the discord channel, the players were willing to help, I was helped by many players. They helped me to understand the game better.
There were players that gave me cards such as monsters and summoners.

You should endeavor to join Guild: By joining guild, you will be able to participate in Brawl. By Participating in brawl, you will be rewarded with merits and Splinterlands governance token (SPS) which can be used to buy gladius packs. Gladius pack is where you can get gladiator cards which can be used in the game.
These sets of cards can't be sold, rented, purchased, and transferred.
Therefore, the majority of the cards can be gotten from gladius packs; and only merits are allowed to buy gladius packs. That is the reason you need to participate in Brawl.

Don't panic when you don't know how to play. Splinterlands is very easy and simple to play. You don't need to put all the battles rules in your head 🗣️. Read and understand the battle rules.

Practice!!! There is a section for players that want to learn the game. All you need is a click…. When you click 'practice' you will be paired with another player. Practicing before going to the battlefield makes you master game strategies.
Don't compare yourself with others by comparing your collection power value. Build your Splinterlands step-by-step.

In conclusion, be smart while playing; go to Splinterlands website, read about the card abilities; watch battles from different players, you can get those battles challenged in Splinterlands blog, join Splinterlands Discord Channel, practice, and enter the battlefield to test your skills.
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Oh my God! What a ! lose😔😔😔😔. In the beginning of this season, which was the beginning of this month; I have set goals that I would reach a minimum of 16 season rewards chests.
This is the reason it is good to calculate unforeseen circumstances when setting goals. I never
Knew that I would encounter such a network problem.
For more than 7 days I encountered network glitch; the first day it happened, I thought it was like a normal network problem that would not last for 2 or 3 hours.
I switched off my laptop and back to work for about 60 hours; after six hours, the network wasn't restored. Though there was a network but the internet wasn't going. I could call, send direct messages but the internet messages seem very slow. It took more than 20 minutes at times for the WhatsApp messages to deliver.
Since Splinterlands needs a strong network, I shut down my laptop again.
I experienced network glitch for more than Seven good days which could not allow me to play Splinterlands.

Last minute battle

Click here to watch the last minutes battle.
This battle is very important because it turns 9 season rewards chests to 10 for me.
Since the beginning of this season I haven't been active in Splinterlands.
I knew I needed this battle more than my opponent; and that was the reason I came to the battle with Quora Towershead.

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Do you want to win cards, SPS, subscribe to Splinterlands TV. Many programs are going on in the SplinterlandsTV. You can also join Splinterlands Discord Channel where you can ask anything about Splinterlands.
I stand up for success, and success is not achieved by merely making mouth, No room for laziness, no room for idleness. Success comes to the people who are desperately and consciously searching for it. When it seems unsuccessful or you smell failure around you, never discourage yourself from being successful.
“Discouragement and failure are the two surest stepping stones to success.” - Dale
The pictures in this post are taken from Splinterlands
Thank you for reading my post.
Watch out for the next battle challenge.

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