Hello friends, I will start one look like the book he reads. That is the reason parents always guide their children to choose good friends. People copy what they like and start doing them; especially adolescence. They influenced each other's either in good or bad ways.
An influencer may be someone or something you cherished so much; you like to be like the person. Influencer is also something you love doing or love to see, it might be objects or non-objects.
Well! I said ‘non-objects’ because I am a good example of it. Sound is a non-object material which I love to hear. Examples are saxophone, instrumental music and many more. One of the instrumental music I love to hear is Kenny G. Whenever I hear the sound, it gives me joy and I feel relaxed and happy. Instrumental music has become part of my life even though I am sleeping, the music continues till early in the morning.

In this post, I am going to share some of the posts I have read that I keep on reading them. They have influenced my life; the posts are motivators to my life; and the posts are inspirator to my life. I have learned many things from these posts which I put into practice in my life.
They are:
LEARNIG FROM MISTAKE BY @bhattg. The first thing I learned from his article was that mistakes are bound to happen so that we can learn something from it. There was a time in my life when I made mistakes; I cried because some of those mistakes are costly. I never understand that the mistakes were to learn something so that I can apply it when such mistake happen again. I was not learning anything from mistakes that happened to me some years ago: and when it happened, I kept on blaming myself for it, talking to myself in negative ways.
When I read through his article@, I came to conclusion that mistakes are bound to happen so that we can correct ourselves, figure out the best way to escape when is about to happen, learning something new and prepare and protect ourselves from mistake that is about to happen.
THINGS MEN WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP THAT WILL MAKE WOULD MAKE THEM CHERISH YOU BY @burlarj. It is true that men see themselves as the head when it comes to relationship: no matter how rich or wealthy is the lady, men always want to be the head. What @burlarj said was pure truth, despite men make women comfortable in a relationship by loving, care, provision, protection, etc. most ladies thought that the only way to satisfy men is sex, which is not correct. Though sex is a thing in relationship that man want but they want to be loved, care and pampered also.
It is like the writer looked into my life and wrote this article; I have two girlfriends of which I loved them, but I picked one of them because of the level of conversation and respect toward me. If I call her in the middle of the night, she will answer me and if she sleeps off, she would return my calls early in the morning.
Even though she’s with her boss, she will return my call that, “I am with my boss, I will call you back when I am done”.
We spoke on a daily basis.
she understood that men like food and always asking me maybe I have eaten. I myself have called her three times today, while she had called me once today.

Her behavior made me to be closer to her than the other lady. even though she’s not the one I love most; the more I call her, the more my affection grows toward her. Right now, she’s my first choice.

The other one, if I don’t call her, she won’t call me. Though I understood the nature of her job, I got tired of calling her when she doesn’t use to answer my calls. Even though she is the one I love most; my affection toward her gets weaker and weaker every day, and I don’t feel like calling her every day. I only call her by choice not by commitment.

Whenever I read this article, it reduced the pressure people are mounting on me. My family, friends and coworkers are always asking me the same question about marriage. Sometimes I felt like running away from the question because it became unbearable to me. The first time I read this article, I felt like it is not only me that is undergoing this pressure. Since then, I started replying to them 'very soon', and they were pleased with my answer. I don’t feel like it is a burden to me anymore because I kept on saying 'I am on it', and 'very soon'.
This article helped me to give the swift answer that pleased them; and also reduced the pressure upon me because the more they ask me, the more I think about it.

When it comes to gambling, I was an addicted gambler.
When I was working in my sibling company, I took so much money and deposited it in my betnaija account because I was the second person that had access to his money after him; this is not a small amount of money. At least the amount would be enough to get a plot of land in some areas in Lagos state.
Therefore, I have predicted games, won a lot and failed countless times. This made me withdraw and changed my lifestyle.

This article also made me remember when I was in secondary school, two of my friends said they wanted to become a doctor. After the final examination, three of us did not make it because they withheld our English language result. I did not give up, in the next year I registered for another examination, and I made all my papers. I met my friends after 7 years: and discovered that they were not be able to further their education again. They ended up learning apprenticeship.
My conclusion is that, if a foreteller or psychist has told them that they will become doctor, since there is nothing, they do toward it, the vision is not possible.
Therefore, hard work, commitment, and dedication are very vital to whatever you want to become in life. A life without all these characteristics cannot achieve whatever they have foretold him/her.
Working toward your prediction is the antidote to get there, not sleeping and waiting for a miracle to happen. Even Bible said "faith without work is dead".
You Need Money To Make More Money by @actordontee.
Money is used to get more money. The asset you want to invest in requires capital which is money. An idea without capital is fruitless: that is the reason money is very important.
I understood that money is very crucial to whatever plan of investment I am making. Therefore, whenever i want to invest, I make money available for it, either small or big.

I stand up for success, and success is not achieved by merely making mouth, No room for laziness, no room for idleness. Success comes to the people who are desperately and consciously searching for it. When it seems unsuccessful or you smell failure around you, never discourage yourself to be successful.
“Discouragement and failure are the two surest stepping stones to success.” - Dale
Thank you for reading my post

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