Learning was a part that everyone went through in the block chain.
Everyone in the hive blockchain has a story to tell. some of us came into Hive to be a part of the family and for other positive reasons.
Hive has an organised system that makes sure everyone begins with an introduction post to give more details about everyone.
Mine was not an exception here is a link to my introduction post
I think my story was good but I did not make use of the right #tags.
the same mistake continued until I saw the #NewbiesInitiative program that was where I got a breakthrough. All thanks to @starstrings01 @samostically @nkemakonam89 @vickoly @hopestylist and the host of others that helped us during the program.
Before the #Newbiesinitiative program they were a lot of things I never knew and that made me an amateur.


1. Make use of the right #tags
a. Tags are labels and identities that show You to the community front end and expose your post.
b. Tags enable your post to get to both the author and curator.
c. Tags give good navigation to your post.

Also, some general tags can be used in all posts. they are
Proofofbrain, Neoxian, vyb, Gems, Palnet, Creative Coin and so on.
I never knew about all this information on tags as an amateur.

2. Engagement
The best way to grow in Hive is through engagement, getting to read and make good comments about pepeople'sosts is very important in the HIVE BLOCKCHAIN. Sharing a good post to educate and inform anyone who visits your blog. When I joined Hive, I just make my post, read a few other posts and commented. but it doesn't work like that on Hive you have to engage and go around the blockchain.

3. The importance of my Hive keys
Your hive keys are very important and should be kept safe like all your important documents. you can save them offline and online.
Of all the keys, the Owner key is the most powerful key, it can be used to reset other Keys, and in case an account is lost the owner key can be used to recover your account.

4. Posting content in the right community: When you have content to post about finances you need to know the right community to post it, so it gets to the curator and the author.

5. Making your content look professional
Making sure you use the right command to justify your post

All these above and many more I learnt as an amateur and a newbie.
Am still learning but am better than when I started.

In games in the Hive blockchain, am still an amateur because it has always been difficult for me to start and finish games with good points.
Also how to easily navigate through the block gain still makes me an amateur.

There is always something new to learn on the hive blockgain, I would say learning never ends every day has something new to offer. Let's keep Hiving and keep winning.

Thanks for reading my post.
This is in response to the Hive learners community contest week 47 edition 1
On the topic title:An Amateur

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