There are a few animals I love, as pets and the once that life in the wild(When they are alone).
Watching discovery and wildlife channel for animals, gave me more insight and understanding of animals. Animals are beautiful and they have a life just as we humans do.
The only animal I can comfortably live with is a dog and that makes it My favourite animal. As the saying goes, Dogs are man's best friend.

Greetings everyone and welcome to my blog.
The economy gets hard as the day goes on. Every time is important and we all have to use it wisely.
Today's topic is a unique one and I am glad I have a story to share.
I have never owned a dog before but I have lived with people who do.
Growing as a child my parent didn't keep pets(Dogs) but my father loves dogs, whenever we visit his friends that have dogs the way the dogs play with my father it looks more like he owns the dog and when I ask him to get us a dog his reply would be *** Dogs needs your time*** and he doesn't have the time to care for them.

A long time ago, Before I got married living with my uncle, It was just My uncle, His girlfriend, Her dog(Daisy) and me.
Daisy was a part of the house, in fact, a member of the family.
I just started working with my present company so I leave the house very early and I come back very late with no time to play with daisy only on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons when am less busy.
My uncle's girlfriend had to leave Nigeria for the united kingdom to study.
Where would Daisy live when she is gone? Because she had no plan to take her along. My uncle and I accepted to keep daisy since she wasn't a big problem to take care of.
Daisy is a Lhasa Apso breed, that can live inside the house with you. a very hairy and pretty dog that eats almost everything I eat.
she is a trained dog that knows when to poo, eat, sit and sleep. when we are up in the morning preparing for work Daisy is up to doing her thing we drop her food in the kitchen before we leave the house and my uncle gets home before I clean her.
I love Daisy because she is intelligent and independent but stubborn when she wants to be.
But if I was given to change into an animal I wouldn't want to be a dog because I would have a master. i would love to be AN EAGLE.


As a Christian, my bible describes an eagle as a great person who does great things with a kind heart. Just like God's kindness and concern towards us.
From my discovery and wildlife channel on Television, they describe an eagle as a symbol of beauty, bravery, courage, honour, pride, determination, and grace. What more do I want to be as an animal?
I love the Eagle 🦅
Thank you for reading.
The first picture is mine from my old collections.
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