Newbies Initiative Task7 Feedbacks And Recount On Goals

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Wow, time flies, it was like yesterday we started this initiative program but today we have round up the program, wow, on believable, indeed there is end to every thing, newbie Initiative Program is really an eye opener, because all the tasks is fully loaded, the more the knowledge one acquired the more interesting it's become on hive.
I wish it has not come to an end but let me not be selfish, let me give others change to get a great lesson from each tasks just as I do.

1 .What do you think of the Newbies Initiative, and how has it helped your Hive journey

Is a very good program which helps newbies to know there left from right , by learning or gaining new, new, things or knowledge in each giving tasks, by making one to explore in a new dimension by the help of that lessons acquired in each tasks.

As for me the newbies Initiative Program has changed my thinking perspective, before I thought is all about posting and living than the people that are ment to vote can continue from there, not knowing I was getting it wrong.

Now I know that I can also vote once I have hive-power, is just that the amount can be very small and effect can not be seeing when you vote, but it's multiplying.

Secondly, with the help of newbie Initiative Program I understood the power of engagement which I eventually had friends that we exchange contact, we Rob mine together by learning new things together in hive Blockchain.

Lastly, With the help of newbies Initiative Program I understood how to set my goal not only on hive along but in anything I found myself doing that can benefit me in life.

2 .How did you benefit from the tasks ?

Before the initiative, I was just there like zombie, I don't know what was going on hive Blockchain all I know I was not getting vote but as the program started, we began with the following.

taks1, I understood without one setting his or her goal he or she can not be focus in this journey in hive .

Task2, is about hive guide and how to use tags, which I have been a victim of how I have beeing using it wrongly but with the help of the program i know there differences, not only that but to make use of the tags probably.

Taks3, I was able to understood how to keep my keys save, in other to avoid regret, when is been stolen or tempered with by another third party.

Task4, I was able to know what dApps are and how to used them like ecency, SpeakD, 3peak and so on.

Task5, I was able to learned about trib Tokens which I also know the difference between Hive and Swap.Hive.

Task6, I was able to learned about game on hive and I was prevellage to do the practical, that is by playing the game, which is known as rising Star.

3 .What aspects of the Initiative do you believe we could improve, and how ?

Honestly, all the tasks in newbies Initiative Program is excellent, you guys are doing a great job, but I feel you guys need more hands because the work is tedious for you guys, that is all the observation.

4 .Recall the Newbies Initiative Task 1 when you were required to list your objectives. Tell us about your objectives and the extent you've come.

I was really prevellage because I just joined hive in less than two months and I was selected to be among the newbies, am not taking it for granted, am saying all thanks to God.

My smart goals which I need to achieve before the end of newbies Initiative Which are

  • Hive power goal
  • Engagement or comments
  • Followers
  • Reputation

My hive goal

I had 25 hp before joining the initiative program and my target is to reach 85, am happy because I made it I'm having 90. it means I have scale through in achieving my hp.


Along the line my phone became faulty which I was not able to reach my goal, I was having 202 and my target was 500 but at the end I was able to get 484


I was having 17 and my terget is 40 but I did not meet my terget, am having 33


I was having 52 and my terget is to reach 58 but l was not able to reach my terget, I'm having 57


My gratitude goes to the @newbies-hive and @hive-learners community for this initiative with @starstrings01, @samostically and my team leader @nkemakonam89 for their help and time given to us so far and also thanks to the curators @theycallmedan, @alient and @ksam

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