Coping with Stress From Digital Devices.

As we all know, our world has very much evolved and has become more digital oriented. As a result of this, digital devices such as smartphones, computers, televisions and so on, have become a very significant part of our lives.

With the help of these devices, we are able to communicate effectively, complete our day to day tasks and also stay updated with the happenings all around the world.


There's no doubt that our smartphones and computers have succeeded in making us much more productive.
A good number of us have jobs and businesses that require constant use of these devices to run effectively.

As a student that I am, a user here on hive and also someone who is yearning to acquire several tech skills online, you sure would expect that I'm constantly glued to the screens of my devices.

Well yes, that's very much the case! Being a university student, staying up late to study, complete assignments and projects have become a very normal thing. During the day I also have to stay updated with lectures, tests and other school stuff.


I'm also very much interested in tech stuff, so I take courses at various online tutorials to grow my knowledge in the coding field. Let's not also forget that I have to throw in more time to being active here on hive.
So with all these I guess I can say that I spend a lot of time in front of the screens of my devices.

However, regardless of the fact that smartphones and computers make our lives easier, they also accompany a great amount of stress and impose serious health effects on us.
I had to realize this when I started getting a lot of headaches, fatigue and really poor eyesight from glueing myself to my smartphone and laptop screens.


To remedy these effects, I employed a few helpful practices and here are some of them:

  • Adjusting the Brightness Level of My Screens.
    To me, this has been the most effective method. In the past , I always loved to set the brightness of my phone and laptop screens to 100% because I felt it gave me the best experience but honesty, it's one of the greatest causes of my current eyesight issues.
    But these days, I choose to always keep the brightness level of my screens at a maximum of 10% when I'm indoors.
    A lot of people find it wierd but it has really been of good help.
  • Taking My Eyes of The Screen From Time to Time.
    Having to stare at the screen of your device for a long time can be very harmful to the eyes and also your overall health.
    Whenever i do this, my eyes get watery and very itchy, I also end up with splitting headaches most of the time.
    When doing work on my laptop, I like to give my eyes little breaks from time to time. I do this by taking my eyes of the screen and shutting them for about three minutes before returning to the screen again.

  • Studying Less With Digital Devices.
    Whenever I don't necessarily have to study with the use of my phone or laptop, I'd always choose to do away with them. Most people like to read books in the form of PDF files and the likes.
    But I always prefer to read my books in hard copies because it encourages me to study for longer periods without getting tired or worrying about the effect on my eyes.

This post is my response to the @hive-learners weekly posting topics for week 33 edition 03 on the title "Computers".

Thanks for reading!❤️

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