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Questions & Answers about Matrix-8

Democrity – A style of Governance enjoyed by a population that uses Democratic Processes to reach Accords, but without the use of concomitant Enforcement.

Real-time Democrity – Analogous to the Democrity enjoyed by Band Societies making decisions around a council fire, or the Direct Democracy of early Puritan Colonists making decisions in a Town Meeting – Real-time Democrity describes the continual deliberative processes provided by a MultiLevel Governance (defined below) Internet Platform. Unlike Direct Democracy, it is not limited in the number of Participants, their proximity, nor is it hampered by scheduling constraints.

MultiLevel Governance (MLG) – The formulation of a substitute for traditional Government, providing the efficiencies of Real-time Democrity (Democracy without the Force). (See

The Matrix-8 Platform – The Internet-based program that allows millions to efficiently Participate, Deliberate, and reach Accords, in real time. It is the engine of Democrity.

8-PAC – In MLG, people associate in groups of 8. An 8-PAC is an acronym for 8 People in Active Communication.

CauseFunding – CauseFunding is the apotheosis of Crowdfunding. It elevates Causes in society beyond the controlling reach of single Individuals or Corporations. It is the amalgamation of Social Networking and Crowdfunding platforms. Utilizing MLG and its 8-PAC’s, it is the Internet-based engine to revitalize the Democratic Process in the New Age, and return Societal Power to the People. (See

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  • Q. Must it be based on democracy rather than consensus, and if so, why?
    • A. Thank you for your question. It highlights what may be very difficult for most people to understand the first time they hit the concept of Democrity. Early on, as I was developing this system in my own mind – I realized that what I was proposing did not have a word which adequately expressed it. In trying to describe the type of Governance which would result from using the Matrix-8 Platform, I was forced to coin a new word: Democrity. As I defined it above, it is the result of using Democratic Processes to reach Accords – but without the concomitant use of Force. This is to contrast it with Democracy. And as benevolent as Democracy is in relation to all other governmental styles, it is still a top-down, Force-driven Government. I believe that with the potential of the Internet, Government is an outdated style of Governance.
    • So in direct answer to your question: MultiLevel Governance is not based on Democracy – because Democracy includes Force. In contrast to Democracy, MultiLevel Governance is a consensus-based system without the Force. MultiLevel Governance creates Democrity. - John Huckel
  • Q. What would Matrix-8's practical applications be? As in, what will it be used to govern?
    • A. Can be anything, from say a playgroup with parents, teachers (and even children) in the 8pacs, to come to democriatic accords on how to run the playgroup, up to the whole wide world, for worldwide disarmament and distribution of food, for example. There's a little story about a school classroom using it here: AL.
  • Q. How does Real Time Democrity work practically?
    • A. In Matrix-8 there are many multiples of groups of eight who meet to discuss, deliberate and come to an actionable accord. Then each group elects (temporarily) a delegate to meet with seven other delegates from seven other groups. Then one group of eight elected delegates meet to discuss, deliberate and come to one concentrated accord based on the accords from the eight groups. And it's dynamic, real time. So while the eight delegates are meeting and discussing, the eight groups from which they are delegated, are also meeting, listening in to the delegates meeting, a secretary sending text messages to their delegate if needed (even un-delegating and replacing him/her during the meeting if he/she is not in integrity and speaks with forked tongue). Based on hearing the discussion in the delegates group meeting, and therefore hearing the accords from the other seven groups, a group can, in real time amend their accord (perhaps to align with one they have just heard from one of the other seven groups delegates) and send a text to their own delegate informing him of the change of their accord. In this way, all 64 people involved are having real time input and affect on the final concentrated accord.
      What I've described here is just two levels. The matrix aspect of this system can continue to expand – the whole population of the Earth can be in communication within only 11 levels.

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