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Good day fellow photographers!

"10 Quick Questions" is our new format where we introduce and highlight some of the great photographers around the Hive Blockchain. We will release new Episode every Sunday of the week. Make sure to not miss any of them out!
In today's 5th Episode we had the great honor of @inavan joining in. It's an account shared by Ryan and Bree, two incredible creative people who share pictures which they take on their journeys. From breathtaking landscapes to mindblowing underwater to exceptional wildlife photography you will find it all on their profile. Lets get in -

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R&B: My Name is Ryan Sault, I’m a photographer and one half of @inavan. I take the photo’s while my partner Bree writes the blog posts. We are Australians currently located in Newfoundland, however we’re living and traveling in a van so that location changes regularly. We both grew up on Australia's Mid-North Coast and spent a lot of time in and around the ocean. It’s thus fitting that I started out with underwater photography. Before moving to Canada almost 4 years ago we would go scuba diving almost every weekend to capture the beauty under the waves.

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1.) What does photography mean to you?

R&B: For me, photography is an excuse to explore. It drives me to see new places that I may not have necessarily thought to visit before. Additionally, it encourages me to experience a location. First I have to study the area and what makes it unique and beautiful, compose the shot in a way that makes the subject I have chosen stand out, then sit and wait for the peak lighting opportunity. During this time you’re watching the masses walk up, snap a quick phone photo, look for a minute or two, then walk away.
It is also a great way to tell the stories of our travels and capture memorable moments.


2.) What is your favourite subject to photograph?

R&B: Marine animals such as sharks and sea lions are great fun and have always been a favourite of mine to photograph. Animals are always unpredictable which adds to the challenge. You never know what you’re going to capture. It’s all up to the subject. There is also a hint of adrenalin when around these large wild creatures. But I can't be underwater all the time. But not to worry, North American has endless landscapes and animals to photograph that don't require you to have a tank on your back.


3.) How would you describe your photography style?

R&B: To be honest, I’ve never really thought about my style. My subjects vary so much day to day. I thus capture and edit depending on the moment and my feelings associated with it opposed to conforming to a preset style.

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4.) What inspires you?

R&B: Nature is my inspiration. I do a lot of hiking, camping, diving and outdoor adventuring and I always have my camera ready.
I also love the challenge. Trying to get the perfect shot pushes me to do more which results in a sense of accomplishment.

5.) What is the most difficult part of being a photographer for you?

R&B: Carrying my giant pack full of camera gear up a mountain haha!

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6.) How do you educate yourself to get better photos?

R&B: I do a lot of research. I research my gear and how I can better utilise it, watch videos and read books on editing techniques, I research locations I’m going to photograph, etc. I also speak to photographers to get their views, opinions and tips and tricks.

7.) What kind of gear do you use?


  • Nikon Z7

  • 14-35mm Z for landscapes

  • 50mm for everything

  • 80-400mm for wildlife and landscape

  • 14mm and 20mm astro lens for astro-photography
    under the water

  • Nikon D750

  • Ikelite underwater housing and associated hardware (dome ports, zoom gear, extensions for different lenses, ets)

  • 16-35mm for sharks and seascapes

  • 14mm fisheye for those things that like to get up close and personal such as Manta ray and sealions

  • 105mm for when i dabble in macro

  • 2 x Ikelite strobe lights

  • 2 x focus lights

Yeah, that's a lot of gear and it's taken me several years to put it all together whilst filtering through numerous other lenses and configurations. If you're a beginner and reading this, don't worry. Even a phone will get great shots these days and a gopro is a great starter for any aspiring underwater photographer. Just use what you have and enjoy yourself.

8.) What is your favorite lens and why?

R&B: I don't have a favorite. the right one for the moment, I guess, which I swear is never the one I have attached to my camera lol. For example, I’ll be taking a nice sunset shot… There goes a bear! Or I’ll be shooting underwater macro….. There goes a shark!

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9.) What is your suggestion for beginner photographers?

R&B: First and foremost, enjoy yourself! Don't get me wrong, it's not all going to be easy or smooth sailing. but if you're not enjoying it as a whole then you need to step back and figure out why.

Secondly, Photography is like any art, it takes practice and you won't be taking perfect photos right away. practice! I look back on some of my older photos and I can really tell how much my skills have developed and improved over time.


10.) Do you think Hive is a good platform for photographers?

R&B: I think Hive is a great platform for photographers. It took me a bit to get used to it and It definitely needs some improvement but it’s early days. I love the rewards system, and everyone is always so friendly and complementive. I also love that artists are actually recognised on this platform. It’s very easy for the artist to get lost on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.life.

PF: Guys, thank you so much for joining us in this weeks Episode! I was personally super interested in getting some more information of your guys work and you definitely didn't disappoint me - That was awesome!

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