10 Quick Questions With - Casey Grimley [EP4]

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Good day fellow photographers!

"10 Quick Questions" is our new format where we introduce and highlight some of the great photographers around the Hive Blockchain. We will release new Episode every Sunday of the week. Make sure to not miss any of them out!
Another Sunday another interview - In this weeks Episode @caseygrimley joined us to answer our "10 Quick Questions". Casey has an absolutely incredible portfolio and I'm already a big fan of his Astro- and Landscape Photography. I was super stoked that he agreed on doing Episode 4 with us - Let's check him out!


Let's start with a short introduction

I’m Casey Grimley, I live in Utah, have a family of 5, and am a part time professional photographer and full time architect (well at the time of this interview ⅔ of an architect).


1.) What does photography mean to you?

CG: Photography means a lot of things to me, but mostly a way to connect to the world around me, whether it’s the landscapes, the night sky, or people. Photography has enabled me to look at things differently, to find beauty or interest in everything.


2.) What is your favourite subject to photograph?

GH: Most definitely the night sky. I’ve always loved stargazing ever since I was little. Dancers are a close second, especially with the night sky.


3.) How would you describe your photography style?

CG: Clean, natural, colorful. At least most of the time, sometimes I experiment, but mostly I try to replicate a scene how I remember it, or how it felt. I tend to avoid fads in photography.

Ben-Lomond-20140526-253-Pano-2018 Edit.jpeg

Ben Lomond

4.) What inspires you?

CG: Other photographers and artists for sure, also peace and solitude I feel when I’m out stargazing and taking photos

5.) What is the most difficult part of being a photographer for you?

CG: Finding time to get out and shoot. Right now I’m studying for my architecture exams, and I have 3 kids and work full time.



6.) How do you educate yourself to get better photos?

CG: In the beginning I would study photos (color, composition, settings) and subscribed to different photography websites for tips, now I constantly ask myself, what could I change to make this image better? I don’t often ask for feedback from peers, but I should.

7.) What kind of gear do you use?

CG: Main body: Sony A7RIII, backup: Sony A6400
Lenses: Sony 16-35GM f/2.8, Sony 85 f/1.8, Sony 70-200 f/4, Sigma 16mm f/1.4 and 30mm f/1.4.

8.) What is your favourite lens and why?

CG: Sony 16-35GM f/2.8. Wide, fast, sharp. Great for landscapes and nightscapes, and the majority of what I shoot.

Bear Lake-20210605-035-Edit.jpeg

Bear Lake


9.) What is your suggestion for beginner photographers?

CG: Learn all that you can before you pick up a camera, understand the basics of composition and the exposure triangle. Shoot as much as you can, everyday if possible. Shoot in RAW. Don’t forget about a computer and storage, I think most beginners don’t realize how quick a 1TB hard drive on most basic computers will fill up with photos.

10.) Do you think Hive is a good platform for photographers?

CG: Yes, Hive is a great platform for photographers. With accounts like @photofeed, @photogames and others, as well as communities and collections, it’s a great place to learn and share your photos. I have met some awesome photographers from around the world on Hive, and even met up with some in real life.

PF: It was great getting some insides of you work, Casey. Thanks again for doing Episode 4 with us. Absolutely appreciated! :)

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