Long Exposure Pictures of The Ruins

The ruins was second on our travel bucket list when we visited Bacolod as part of our anniversary. But since our entire day was already spent in Campuestohan Highland Resort, check the story here, we arrived in the city after five in the afternoon.

It was already dark, we didn't bother eating dinner just yet, we wanted to visit the ruins no matter what because the next day, we will be moving on to Cauayan.

It was hard finding a ride to The Ruins. No tricycles were giving in to our request as the place is a bit far from the main city.

After awhile, we finally manage to convince a driver to take us there for a certain amount.


We reached The Ruins and it was already dark thus, we decided to do long exposure shots instead. The one above is the first. Below are some of what has been left of The Ruins. The building was a victim of bombings.


It has been said that The Ruins is the Taj Mahal of Negros because the building was built as a reminder of the owner's love for his wife who died after giving birth to their child.

The photos above show some framed pictures of the owner.





The Ruins looks beautiful from the outside. There's also a functional fountain and a restaurant opposite to it which caters to the visitors who would like to dine in and enjoy dinner with the view of The Ruins. They also have a live band to sing romantic songs while dining in.


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