A Day at Campuestohan Highland Resort


We visited Bacolod specifically the Campuestohan Highland Resort a few years ago. It was part of our anniversary travel to Negros Occidental. Bacolod was our first destination, we took the Cebu City - Toledo - San Carlos City - Bacolod - Cauayan - Sipalay route. Thinking about how we commuted makes me tired so I won't deal with how the commute went, I'll just share some photos of Campuestohan Highland Resort which was our first stop in Bacolod.

After arriving in Bacolod City before noon, we headed to check in at our hotel. We left our room after freshening up, ate lunch and headed to the nearby gasoline station where the car ride from the city to the resort waits.

It was a pretty hot afternoon but when we reached the resort after about 20 minutes ride, the skies were a little darker. There was a rain coming!


After paying for the entrance fees, we went on checking out the place. Unfortunately, a few spots of this huge resort were closed due to some renovations. That's okay since there are still a lot more other cool sections to explore.

I thought a day is not enough to really enjoy this place. Its huge and there are soo many activities to do inside! One of them is their Sharkwave where there's an artificial wavepool. The pool is massive! But what attracts visitors was their shark house which also look like a witch's house.


Can you spot the shark in the photo below? It looked real! We had our photos taken there too and there's a line because visitors take turns. By the way, this trip happened prepandemic so people were not yet wearing masks.


It rained while we were exploring the area, I guess it rained for about an hour. We were stock in a spot inside the resort facing the Indian village. We decided to run towards the restaurant. When the rain stopped, we flew our drone to capture the view from above.


The above image was just captured out of a video. There are Indian huts which are functional for those who want to experience living in a hut. Aside from that, there are also igloos next to the huts.

This is just one part of the resort and it feels like this is in the Avatar movie with those fog covering the mountain and the trees beyond.


Above is the pool in the shark wave area. Look at how many huts are there to accommodate guests and visitors? There are soo many of time lined up in both sides of the pool. THere's also another pool which is not in the photo, that pool was formed like a big foot!

Another shot of the Indian and huts and Igloos. I truly like how they are situated with those greens around.


I love that it was really cold in the resort, this is due to the location. The photo below was another shot when the rain stopped. The fog was already covering the entire resort, almost zero visibility prior to this. I love the feels!


When the rain stopped and the fog disappeared. The clear blue skies replaced and it was a fine day. The weather was very unpredictable in this side of Bacolod City.


Here are some other pictures of the resort:


Entrance to the Indian Village.

There's an eagle above the entrance banner. There are also statues of native Indians and some of their pillars too which has engravings of animals and birds. The huts were painted too and the huts are huge by the way, it can accommodate groups and even families.


Above are some visitors enjoying the place. I like that these elderlies are very close to each other. I believe they are a family! As mentioned above, these structures are functional. Visitors can book a room!


Kungfu Panda characters in Campuestohan.


There's a gigantic mammoth in the resort! This one was under renovation too!


Raphaella Mill.


Jeepney at Campuestohan.


Cabins are also available for booking.

Campuestohan Highland Resort offers a lot of activities and different types of accommodations too! Families will definitely enjoy their stay as much as we enjoyed our day tour within the resort. It was just a bummer that multiple spots were under renovation.

I wonder if there are added spots as of today. I believe the resort's management is always improving their services and amenities. Plus,their staffs were very accommodating and friendly!

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