Rainy Weekend - Moody Days

It's Friday the 13th and maybe I should have posted a bit more positive or lovely sunny images, but the number 13 is one of my Lucky Numbers, so ...

Rainy Weekend - Moody Days - Johann Piber

Rainy Weekend - Moody Days

Isn't it typical that after a relatively nice week, it rains all weekend long? If I work during the weekend, then it's the other way around, of course.
So, last weekend, when I have taken these photos, I have had free, but I'm sure that the sun will shine tomorrow because I'm in the office for a 24 hour shift until Sunday morning.

Rainy Weekend - Moody Days - Johann Piber
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Last Saturday, I have had no idea where to go because it was raining everywhere. So I decided to drive over a little mountain pass where I was hoping to find some spring flowers on the mountain pasture there.

Well, it was raining too much and I couldn't see any flowers, but I loved the mood that the rain clouds and the fog generated in combination with the fields and the coniferous trees.

Rainy Weekend - Moody Days - Johann Piber
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I love the layers of woody hillsides in the image above and the curved forest front on those little grassy hills you can see below.

Rainy Weekend - Moody Days - Johann Piber
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There was this small single tree in front of the forest, which still had no fresh leaves, while the coniferous forest was green as always. I liked this tree somehow, so I had to take an image from the side and one from the front. In the first image it looks as if the little tree was standing in front of an army of trees with their leader in front.

Rainy Weekend - Moody Days - Johann Piber
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I'm sure you have noticed that I have desaturated and darkened the images quite a bit. It wasn't very colourful in these wet weather conditions anyway, as you might know yourself, but I thought that taking away even more colour would emphasize the dreary mood even more.

Rainy Weekend - Moody Days - Johann Piber
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I have used the word "dreary" above, but I have to admit that I love such moods - the more fog or dramatic clouds, the better and the more I love it. I don't like getting wet very much though.

It is Spring, and everywhere you can see the blooming trees now. Of course, I had to take a photo of this pretty one, although I got completely wet while searching a way through high grass and bushes to this field to take the photo. Right after the two photos I have taken it started to rain quite heavily.

Rainy Weekend - Moody Days - Johann Piber
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The clouds are shedding tears of joy,
They fall with rhythmic beat
Upon the earth, and soon destroy
Dust dunes and waves of heat.

Each falling drop enforcement bears
To river, lake and rill,
And sweet refreshment gladly shares
With wooded dell and hill.

Every flower, bud and leaf,
Each blossom, branch and tree
Distills the rain, 'tis my belief,
To feed the honey bee.

I pity every wretch I find
Who, frowning in disdain,
Is deaf and dumb and also blind
To beauty in the rain.

by Raymond Garfield Dandridge

Rainy Weekend - Moody Days - Johann Piber
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Another busy week has gone by for most of you, but my week will last till Sunday morning, because a 24-hour nightshift is waiting for me. The weekends are mostly quiet, so it might be an easy shift, but you never know.

Thanks for scrolling down through my post till the end. I hope you enjoyed my photos a little bit, although they might not suit to the wonderful weather I'm hoping you all to have.

If you like my work I would appreciate an upvote, nice comment or maybe you want to share my post on your blog 😊 ... and maybe you would like to follow me, so that you never miss a post from me.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog,
wishing you a fabulous weekend,
Johann Piber @johannpiber

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