A coffee in the city, Coffee Saly

Hello friends, today as usual, I present a new coffee shop and this time we have Coffee Saly. I stumbled upon it in one of my outings to do my daily activities, I was in the center of my city, I was already extremely tired of walking, because I was looking at some things I needed to buy, the heat was overwhelming, because these days have been very hot; more, however, I wanted my coveted coffee, which I always use to take when I need a break.

So as soon as I saw the advertisement of this place, I did not think much and I went in first to hydrate myself by asking for a mineral water and then a delicious coffee with milk, which was what I was craving, when I arrived I could see that the site had two environments, one where people come to ask for their coffee and take it relaxed on the first floor and a second level, where you can go up and cool off better, because the air conditioning works stronger, because in that space is more closed and keeps the environment cooler. At first I decided to sit in the first environment, because it seemed more lively, since there is the barista, the coffee machine, the refreshing drinks, such as water, soft drinks, gatorade, sale of coffee in its packaging and the decoration seemed to me quite original.

All the furniture is made of wood and that gives it a very cozy touch, besides that in the same wood of the walls they have a kind of graffiti enunciating messages with coffee as the main protagonist, phrases like "If you don't even know where to start, start with a coffee" or "Coffee + Love = happiness" the typical place for a coffee lover like me. All kinds of people converge in the place, since it is located in the center and close to several ministries, stores, businesses of all kinds, so you can meet many people or just enjoy the comings and goings of all those who pass in front of it.

For my part, as I was also waiting for my husband, who works nearby, to meet us and go home, the wait was very pleasant, as I was tasting my coffee and talking to the owners of the cafe, while taking my pictures. I must say, to keep in mind, that the prices are very supportive from $ 1 onwards and are very rich, I checked, because the barista, a very nice young woman, takes great care to prepare your coffee to the point, just as you require it, I loved it.

When my husband arrived, I told him to come with me to see the second level, to show you, and it is a cooler place, with a simple decoration, accompanied by some leather furniture, some wooden furniture and stronger air conditioning; I thought it was more private and to have a quiet conversation, without interruptions, business or any topic that requires some privacy, because it is away from the bustle of the street; that also pleased me. So I left the café pleasantly surprised, as I remember, in that space there was previously another business and this coffee shop made the difference for passersby, who like me are looking for a good coffee, that has the three characteristics that I like, good, nice and affordable.

I hope you liked my presentation, this is my participation in The Coffee Shop Prompt | W-30, Happy living, but with coffee!

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