Fungi Friday: Funny, cute and refreshing

Friday has arrived as usual it's time to participate in #fungifriday organized by @ewkaw

There are two types of mushrooms I want to share with you, I know you have a lot of different types of mushrooms and it would be really fun for us to see.

But I also have beautiful and unique mushrooms, they are among my favorite mushrooms, have beautiful colors and fresh fruiting bodies that almost resemble lollipops.

It is a type of slime mold that is small and grows in colonies on damp rotting wood. Small, cute and adorable.

And I like the fresh white color that these mushrooms have, they even emit clear splashes of water between their smooth skin.

Stemmed pearls might be a bit of an exaggeration but I think it's a pretty name for them. 😅

Yes, that's all for this Friday, I hope you like and enjoy it, happy Friday and good luck always.

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