NOW This Is Brainpower!


I have been loving Hive so much lately! Honestly it's been difficult to go offline long enough to write, but I have committed to do at least one post each day for #hpum #hivepowerupmonth - yes I want that new badge :) !

But this isn't about HP, it's about Proof Of Brain :) ... POB has been a big part of my Hive journey, and I am happy to be putting a good bag of it to work staking. With or without power up days we all win by saving and staking. The special events are just icing on the cake!

The more we stake, the more we earn. The more we stake, the more stable the price. The more we stake, the higher the buy orders if we do sell a few tokens. The more we stake, the more we show that we believe in this awesome community! That sounds like a win win win win to me! Let's use our brains when we manage our Proof Of Brain :) .

I have been watching POB and it really is keeping its value really well. I'm proud to be getting in fairly early. My favorite activity in the community so far has been #pob-wotw - thanks so much for running it @calumam @scholaris.pob :)

You might be asking why power up, when the bull run is on and trading so profitable? This is easy. If we all do that with a large portion of our holdings, the price of the token will drop. Obviously protecting the token needs to be top priority. Who wouldn't love to see a $1 POB?

And yes we could see that one day if we are willing to believe in the token, and hold enough of it. Supply and demand :)

I wish you all the best of luck and happy staking! If you would like to participate, click here!

This is a 100% power up post

Cover image is from Canva, using their gallery. Edited by me to add some of my original artwork.

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