Brain Power Up WEEK #1 - The first week of every month


Welcome to the first edition of Brain Power Up Week, which happens on the 1st week of every month! If you can power up POB, then you're welcome here, unless your reputation is below 25, which earns you a place in the naughty list. Be smart, don't be a smartass.

Previously, we had Brain Power Up Day (#bpud) instead, but I figured everyone could use a little more time to prepare. None of us are botting here, so why not be reasonable with the time frame, right? If you forgot about this event, didn't even know there was one, or accidentally powered up recently not leaving you enough for #bpuw, using a week instead of a day accommodates for your human needs.


I am providing 40 POB and 100% of all POB + HBD rewards for this post. If you want to help sponsoring this prize pool, please let me know!

Assuming this post reaches at least 10 POB in rewards, the total prize pool is as high as 10 POB + HBD rewards. That's amazing! Make sure you participate for a fair share of this sum.


The total prize pool is distributed evenly among all participants who power up at least 10 POB, make a 14-line (or longer) post about it using the #bpuw and #proofofbrain tag, leaving the link to that as a comment on this post, all before the 7th is over (09/07, 23:59 UTC). If you powered up on the 1st instead of today, you are still eligible.

Winners are announced seven days from this post's creation, but you must power up and comment today. Uh, unsure how UTC works against your time zone? Just search for "utc time" in google. A widget will tell you what is the current UTC time from the search results page itself, so you don't have to browse additional links.

Join POB

Dear reader, are you not part of the Proof of Brain community yet? It's still early enough to get ahead. Start reaping the benefits of not being a robot!

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image source: the best POB logo so far and @caluman's line separation thingy

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