Powering UP 181.171 HP on November/2021 #HivePUD


Source: Pexels

This is my entry to the November/2021 #HivePUD Day!

New month, new Power Up!

This month I was able to earn about 110 HBD by posting regularly on the Hive. It was a great experience to write about different subjects including Gaming (on both www.Splintertalk.io and Hive Gaming Community), Investment (on LeoFinance) and Fitness (through my daily Actifit reports).

Recently I have converted all my HBD into HIVE in order to be able to Power Up today! I'm very glad of my results in October, and I want to keep growing together with our Hive Network.

So, today, I've powered up 181.171 HP!


Thanks @hivebuzz for this great #HivePUD initiative, and I'm glad of being part of the Hive Community!

Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

If you enjoyed, feel free to follow me as I'm routinely writing about Gaming, Investments and Fitness!

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