I Messed Up 😐 - December/2021 #HivePUD


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This is my entry to the December/2021 #HivePUD Day!

OK, I messed up this month!

I had a great November on Hive: by posting good-quality content regularly, I was able to earn 182 HBD. I mainly wrote about Gaming (NFT Games on www.1UP.Zone and www.Splintertalk.io, and non-NFT Games on Hive Gaming Community), Investment (on LeoFinance), Fitness (through my daily Actifit reports) and even Literature (thanks for lots of great contests!)

Unfortunately, I FORGOT to convert my HBD into HIVE in order to be able to Power Up today! Converting HBD into HIVE takes a few days, and if I started the conversion today, it will finish just on December 4th...

Goddamit, stupid me!

As I want to be part of the PUD, a very fun and engaging initiative, I'll keep the HBD in my wallet and just convert it into Hive late this month, in order to participate on the January 2022 PUD!

So, today, I'm only poweing up 41.665 HP!


As always, thanks @hivebuzz for this great #HivePUD initiative, and I'm glad of being part of the Hive Community!


Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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