Blue Brain Hardfork 25


The Blue Brain Wallet Changes

Hey you other guys who don't read my stuff but vote. Thank you. Now for the rest of you, I would like to show you guys some of the things I have recently added to Blue Brain (

The wallet allows you to jump to several exchanges. The best news is though concerns Hard-Fork 25.

Conversion from Hive into HBD

On BitTrex and UpBit in often have a super parity Hive Dollar. Those who will continuously divulge personal information to these CeFi institutions see HBD pump. Looking at the chart right now, I see the price ranging from 6000 satoshis/HBD and down to the dollar amount 2868 satoshis/USD recently.

So now, if one sees HBD on exchanges is well over the dollar you can convert your Hive into HBD and then fill all of the buy orders that are worth higher than a dollar.

On the Internal market (Hive DEx), it is Hive/HBD, you can go to

HIVE price: $0.279
HBD price: $0.99
Base feed price: $0.276
Internal market: $0.2804

Here the base feed price is the price set by witnesses which determines the price we can convert Hive Dollars into hive for. You can go the other direction but you will pay a fee for this conversion. The Internal market is the price on Hive DEx. When these prices are far apart then the HBD will be too high or too low. If the number is $1.30 say, you should look at the buy orders, and see if there are good deals for buying HBD. You want to sell your dollars at a high price if you can. You can convert some of your Hive into HBD and immediately you have dollars. You can fill those buy orders and immediately realize a profit. If the HBD is low like $0.70, you can use the conversion feature, but it takes 3.5 days. So should it jump up you could take a loss.

Most centralized exchanges will have HBD/BTC and Hive/BTC pairs. In this case you have to look at the buy orders for HBD from BTC, and the sell orders for BTC from Hive. So you have this two step process and some % fee. It is a little more complex. Watch out, exchanges will put Hive and HBD as "under maintenance."

Your Reward For Reading This

Now for your reward. I couldn't find any web interfaces which allowed you to convert Hive into HBD and even the tesnet wallet didn't have this feature. So I integrated it into the wallet here. You'll have to login as you and click the Hive icon. Now, I am just going to deploy this. Currently you can potentially convert hive dollars to Hive at the Hive Blockchain rate of 0.276 HBD/Hive (maybe lose 10% based on whatever they are charging you for the conversion). So each Hive would be about 0.25 HBD. Then you can take that quarter and sell it in certain exchanges for $0.34 worth of Hive. Now you have 1.36 Hive. Multiply this by 1000. So now it gets interesting. But before you do, try it out with 1 Hive or 10 Hive first. Find out all of the hidden fees and gotchas along the way if any. Once that hurdle gets over come, 1000 Hive becomes 1360 Hive in twenty minutes. Then you take the 1360 Hive and do the same operation. The process repeats until the buyers in the exchanges stop buying at well over a dollar or you get tired of answering exchanges with your personal information as long as the exchanges really have buy orders like this and they allow withdrawls. Binance doesn't have any pairs with HBD, so let's forget about them.

It's 15:15 UTC which 75 minutes after the fork. Over at BitTrex and not looking at Hive at all we see the price of BTC in USD is $34,290 and the price of HBD is 0.000,029 BTC. 0.000,029 BTC/HBD * $34,290/BTC = $0.995 / HBD. This is nice parity. My Korean is too poor to navigate the UpBit site and the global version doesn't allow deposits in both Hive assets. I think an inability to deposit HBD could make an exchange list an asset much higher than normal. That is something one should think about before giving these Upbit any weight in your decision making.


Why is This not Called "reverse_convert" Instead of "collateralized_convert"?

I don't know what's up with that. Is it the case that if you leave these dollars in your possession they will be coverted back into Hive after some period of time? If you can make these trades and take advantage of overly high prices for HBD, I'd say you should do so. Maybe someone can enlighten us how it is different from just permanent conversion if indeed it is.

Below is a patch dhive needs in order to do the conversion from Hive to HBD:
@emrebeyler @gtg @blocktrades

diff --git a/src/chain/operation.ts b/src/chain/operation.ts
index 6ca3767..b7ee8c6 100644
--- a/src/chain/operation.ts
+++ b/src/chain/operation.ts
@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ export type OperationName =  // 
   | 'claim_account' // 22
   | 'claim_reward_balance' // 39
   | 'create_proposal' // 44
+  | 'collateralized_convert' // 48
   | 'comment' // 1
   | 'comment_options' // 19
   | 'convert' // 8
@@ -257,6 +258,15 @@ export interface ClaimAccountOperation extends Operation {
+export interface CollateralizedConvertOperation extends Operation {
+  0: 'collateralized_convert', // 48
+  1: {
+       owner: string
+       amount: string
+       request_id: number
+  }
 export interface CommentOperation extends Operation {
   0: 'comment' // 1
   1: {
diff --git a/src/chain/serializer.ts b/src/chain/serializer.ts
index 7f2a49f..d10a6d7 100644
--- a/src/chain/serializer.ts
+++ b/src/chain/serializer.ts
@@ -312,6 +312,13 @@ OperationSerializers.claim_reward_balance = OperationDataSerializer(39, [
   ['reward_vests', AssetSerializer]
+OperationSerializers.collateralized_convert = OperationDataSerializer(48, [
+  ['owner', StringSerializer],
+  ['requestid', UInt32Serializer],
+  ['amount', AssetSerializer]
 OperationSerializers.comment = OperationDataSerializer(1, [
   ['parent_author', StringSerializer],
   ['parent_permlink', StringSerializer],
3 columns
2 columns
1 column