Tamale Weekend Day 2: The art market

Yesterday I started our tour around Tamale from last weekend with this post:


Day 2 was Saturday and I started the day by giving a training to the hotel I was staying at. That went a little longer than expected and Dzigbordi and I did not get out of the hotel until about 1pm.

We had a busy day planed:

  1. Tamale Art and Cultural Market
  2. SCCA, Savanna Center of Culture and Arts
  3. Go to Dzigbordi's family house to meet some for of her family

This post will cover number 1. I will be following up with posts for #2 and #3 soon.


We made our way in the yellow yellow (tuktuk, motor rickshaws) to the central market. From there it was a short walk through the crowded streets, market, and construction of a new over head to the market. Once inside it was quite peaceful.

Dzigbordi was looking for some leather sandals for the both of us and a bag she had seen before. We chose the first shop and got the sandals in short order. The next shop was where she was looking for the bag. All of the shop owners recognized her from prior visits and it was a warm reception.

The bag shop owner was named Jay and was a very funny guy. In addition to bags he had a lot of other interesting merchandise for sale.






And of course we needed to get some shots with the shop owner. You can see the bag that Dzigbordi bought.



From there we snuck out the back of the market past the parade grounds to a little park off the main road to catch our yellow yellow to SCCA our next stop and next post.



Oh did I mention it was a very cool, rainy and muddy day?

Thanks for reading, viewing, and traveling with us digitally.

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