Community Challenge: Naming MY 2021 Hive Highlight!

Image is borrowed 😁 from @guiltyparties challenge Community Highlight 2021

A Journey of Enlightenment

As of most anything I write, my HIVE highlight 2021 is but a depressing story of how I came to love, or how I decided to stay, or how I see HIVE now.

The Story is Simple

Years back I have been looking for a way to Immortalized my memories, blogging is one of the options presented upon me but unrealistic by those times.

A good friend of mine whom knows my mental capacity, set me off for an errand of "moneymongering" through the vastness of a new space called crypto, and so I did, invested on some coins to test the waters, played to earn to understand the system, researched heavily on market trends, read the news, and some other shady things... these are my normal routines ever since then when we started on "traditional trading".

But one day through Splinterlands I ended up on Ecency,

It's a blogging site, so it seems, but community based. Thought maybe here I can Immortalized my memories, my stories, and without further due I search for a community of writers and found the Inkwell community of short story writers and I wrote. (here lovesniper found me and told me to do an introduction I was like "sheeshh, do I have to?" 🤣)

QuestionsImage by Arek Socha from Pixabay

As I wondered the place, I found myself lost and confused. I was in a place where the value of a post (or story) is but a 24 hour period, robots dominated, I was even told "why would people care about what other writes", upvotes was the main thing and how much a post earned is the sole motivation in writing.

I didn't came here to for upvotes, money (I can have this even if I don't blog), or downvotes, but I do care for comments, especially constructive ones. In the grand scheme of Immortalizing my memories, I have to be better than what I was yesterday and to do that, I want to know my faults then improve upon them.

A simple question rose in top of my head:

"Is this the place I want my stories be written?"

I wondered the empty spaces of my feed looking blankly, till I found a post different from everything else. As I read through every line, every letter, and every comma. I realized something... the post doesn't care being well written, it is not something that would only last for 24 hours, it's goal is not for upvotes but real engagement, the Author is someone who find the time to read and comment genuinely.

In the verge of quitting I wrote down the comments... wondering if the person would find the time for someone as insignificant as me.

A few days later, that person extended a hand saying, "You are not in a bad place, just the wrong one for you :)…". Just the act of going back for a comment after days have past, is more than enough for me.

I took the hand presented upon me and said, "Why not?".

I imagined it, if Hive in a whole can be a place, where people can see from outside looking in, that this is a place where people of talent and intellect thrive and push the boundaries of progress forward.

Then efforts of people whom work tirelessly to make the world look this way won't be wasted, as "intellect and talent attracts the same", from experience I say this.

So, with that helping hand I decided to chip in with the people whom work tirelessly to build Hive from from the inside out, in support of the people whom work tirelessly to promote Hive outside in.

Guess, this is my answer to my 2021 highlight question:

"What are Hive's chances for survival?"

Thank you for reading! 😁

"Would you like to join in to share your Hive Highlight 2021? All you have to do is click on that link and join in the fun and be part of the community."

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