Don't Get Sucked Into Twitter While Promoting Hive On Twitter. K? Thanks.

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So this is my first daily journal. I'm starting this to kickstart myself into writing more frequently. I have about a thousand half written posts piled up in a folder on my computer that will likely never be posted. The reasons are usually "This sucks" or "I'll finish it later". But I never do. Well, sometimes I do. But usually I don't. So from now on I plan to be doing a lot of basically rough and unedited posts. Not that the rest of my posts are that great or anything.

But this is more for just getting used to writing without the need for any attempt at perfection. I just want to write and get my thoughts out and have a permanent record of things that have happened in my life without worrying too much about presentation. It doesn't mean I will never post anything "of value" that I have put some thought into.

So what I'm going to do with this is just start a new post every day, add to it throughout the day, and then publish it at night, whether it's finished or not. Then maybe reread later and turn some of the thoughts that come up into full-fledged "high value" posts.


I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I've been on there a lot recently to promote Hive. Twitter is a great place for that because there are a lot of users and many of them are interested in crypto and anti-censorship related stuff. I hate it for the obvious reasons: it's not decentralized, they censor content, etc. But at the same time I enjoy interacting with some of the people there. And I'm starting to find that this interaction is paying off for Hive promotion. I have been getting quite a few likes and retweets on Hive related tweets, as well as people interested in checking out Hive after a bit of back and forth.

The problem is that I feel I'm getting sucked into using Twitter in place of Hive, which is not what I want. The whole point is to get people to stop using platforms that can deplatform / demonetize / censor them on a whim and switch to one where that can't happen. Another reason to start doing a daily journal here. Kind of weird to be promoting Hive on another platform but not really using it to its full capacity!

Anyway, that's it for today. Quick and dirty. Let's see if this holds up through tomorrow.

Oh wait. Where should I post this? I need to start trying out the different communities. Think I'll try Proof of Brain this time.

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