Re-Rewind ⇢ 2018

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Thank you @silversaver888 for the tag to the #EternalBlockchainChallenge. The challenge started by @edprivat goes like this👇

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So I started scrolling back through my posts to find one that I could dissect!! Oh boy!! What a journey... and finally, here's the one I shall review. I joined Dec 2017, so I had been around a year.

This was for a Blocktrades challenge by anomadsoul to share 2018's Achievements & Failures.

Of course, I had to be a hero and rap my wrap of the year. I found a hip-hop music bed and pretended I was Lisa Left Eye Lopes. I wish I could play it back to see what it sounds like but because it was uploaded directly to DTube, I can't access it anymore. I actually spent the last 24 hours trying to look for a copy that I might have saved somewhere... still looking.

But for now:

And just like that, the end is near
Here it comes, the end of the year
@anomadsoul and @blocktrades will cheer
As we look back at 2018's joy and tears
I came into the Crypto world, clueless and scared
Content, Consistency mostly Engagement Mad
Cash Out, Power Up, Auto Trail, Delegation
Steep learning curve, yet I know just a fraction
Contests and Challenges, my favourite companions
Photography, Doodles, and Singing I championed
Discovered Free Write, now they call me a Writer
Wear my badge proud, FreeWriteHouse storyteller
What I treasure most, is my growth as a person
Dimmed down my lights, my kids were the reason
But they had grown up, and I learnt a lesson
I had to let go, allow them their own passion
Even more so, is me as a woman
Shinning my light without guilt of annihilation
Time for rediscovery, who is this person
Shedding my shy, I share my experience
Carried a burden of MLM proportion
Was caught up in lies, secrets and deception
Finally came clean and spoke of my actions
I made a mistake but learnt from the lesson
Here comes a new year, predictions and teasers
Good ones I hope, please don’t ruffle feathers
Just passed 50, Yes! LOA is action
Thank you 2018, AM ready for new direction

Things haven't changed much. I still rhyme every now and then, share my experiences and partake in challenges.

What's changed? I could do better with time management but I have learnt not to compare and be at peace within my pace.

Improvement? I definitely understand Hive and the crypto world better.

Aspirations? I would like to dabble in NFT except I can't draw. So if only I could make enough sense to my teens who are super talented but I guess I am not convincing enough.

Cringy? It may have been this rap-wrap over hip-hop music hahaha - I will continue to look for it, I need to know if it sounds as bad as I remember it to be haha.

And that's my review of a review(of the year 2018). I would like to invite you, yes you who's reading, if you have not done it already, then come join in the fun ;D

Thank you for reading,

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