Eternal Blockchain Challenge: I React to one of my first content on the blockchain

Hello friends!

I was on a trip through my old content on Hive (and prior to that on steemit), and couldn't help but feeling nostalgic and thankful. We forgot how much this place changed our lives, and the people we met on the way.

A lot of new people arrived lately on hive, and it was a good occasion for everyone to remember their first time on the blockchain.

So I am starting the Eternal Blockchain Challenge, and the concept is simple:

  • Find one of your first post on the blokchain, or a memory that you cherish here that is at least one year old.

  • Review it, react to it on video if you want. Tell us what changed since the post, share also your improvments, your aspirations, and what makes you cringe :D

  • Post it on Hive and nominate 2 persons.

  • You can add the "#" with #eternalblockchain so we can find it easily

  • You don't have to be nominated to participate

It's quite simple, and as for the people I nominate, I decided to go with @dandays and @dreemsteem as I know they've been around for a while hahaha and they must have evolved a lot.

I hope it takes off and we see some awesome throwback to memory lane, and that everyone has a chance to participate.

The post I decided to react to, is a video I recorded in March 2018. I was using a loop station at the time, it was recorded in our place in South Africa, the song is "Passion Fruit" by Drake.

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