My First Month

My Month With Diabetes.png

So here we are...

I was diagnosed diabetic a month ago even though I'm sure I have been suffering from my lifestyle decisions for many years before it became official.

And I decided to write about my experience so far, with the major changes I've taken over the past calendar month as well as share my wins and losses.

Diabetes for me, has been the kick in the butt I really needed. It's made me change a lot of how I look at the food I'm eating plus the lack of activity I have had for years. Working behind a computer for 2 decades, did a number on me.

So a month ago, I decided to change...Everything!

(I wrote about it here!)


This has been a major improvement for me. I never really ate sugar / sweets per se, but my problem was portion sizes and carbs. Lots and lots of carbs.

So for the past month, I've been drastically reducing my carb intake, and any of the carbs I do eat, are never the white refined flour type. Cereal also has been erased from my diet, as well as rice and potatoes.

It's been fish (tuna and cod) and turkey breasts. As for the veggies....Salads. Lots and lots of salads. Plenty of color, leafy greens as well as having minimal fruits.

Like I said, sugar was never really an issue for me, it was the carbs. So this has been a lot easier to adopt then you may think.

Oh yeah, almonds and avocados have been my life savers!


This is where I've made the most drastic changes...


That's my pedometer app on my phone. I use that along with @ActiFit 's app to keep track of all the hiking and walking I've been doing.

I've even managed to throw in some light jogging as well into the mix :)

But as you can see....

I've only taken a day off 4 times in 30 days. Not too bad for a fat guy :)

Oh it helps when I can walk in nature and see this every time I step outside my door...


So while it took some effort to build up the habit, I now feel guilty and really weird if I don't get out of the house and do my daily hike or walk!

The Results

So I started this journey at the end of April:

  • Weighing 318.6 lbs
  • Blood sugar was crazy at over 14 mmol/L
  • Feet hurt and were numb all the time
  • Headaches, sweating constantly...And just miserable all over.

Here's where I am today:


Weight is 304 lbs. Lost 14.6 lbs.

Which I have to admit, I'm happy with but still think I could be doing better. I'm hoping to get sub-300 lbs within the next few weeks...So I plan on pushing myself just ever so slightly more.

Average glucose has been 6.5 mmol/L over the past 30 days

Which is right on target, but I have been trending much lower. I even had a low glucose warning this past week as it dipped to under 4 mmol/L. I'm meeting with my doctor tomorrow so go over the numbers and see if I;'m doing something wrong with the exercise and diet...And all the pills I've been taking :(

My average estimated A1C is also looking good at 6.1% which apparently, is really good for a diabetic.

And my feet no longer hurt at all, headaches are gone...So overall, I'm happy with the progress!

I've been learning lots and diving into a ton of diabetic books and resources. So even though I'm on the right path, I do think this journey is just beginning as it's a complete lifestyle change.

I'm up for it :)

Thanks so much for letting me share this on my blog with you guys. It really helps me keep track of my journey, and have a permanent record of the milestones I hope to keep crushing...

Next stop....Sub 300 lbs!