44 Years Of Bad Decisions

44 Years Of Bad Decisions.png

For the past few months, I've been feeling like garbage.

Headaches, no energy, just miserable...But this is nothing new for me. Generally, I feel 'sickish' every few months, but then it goes away....This time thought, it was different. I kept feeling like trash and I knew something was wrong...

So I went to the doctor, did some blood work and I'm now the proud recipient of Type 2 Diabetes.

How did I get here....

Working from home over the past 20 plus years I've lived a very sedentary lifestyle. Literally...No physical activity at all. And sure, I had my phases, heck I even lost like 40 pounds by getting into jogging but nothing really stuck.

On top of that, let's just say my diet was as you would expect...I never really dove into sugars but the portion sizes for me, were astronomical...Bullet proof youth, I thought, would be there forever and I could worry about my health down the road.


Here's my new best friends:


A fancy glucose monitor, some cholesterol pills and of course, metformin to get my blood sugar in check...

However, I'm treating this diagnosis as a blessing in disguise. Because now, at 44...Drastic changes HAVE to be made and I'm tackling it head on...

I need to lose the weight, watch what I eat and remain active for the next 44 years on the planet (God willing!)

And right now, I'm learning everything I can about diabetes and am ready for the challenge.

My starting weight is...Heavy.


As a 6'2" 44 year old male, this needs to go down...Big time.

And the Hive blockchain is going to help me do it...Thanks in large part to @actifit

Over the past week and a bit, I've been tracking my activity on the app and going for hikes around my home. Nothing major to start, but I'm doing about 6000 steps a day, 3.5 kilometres and trying to increase my pace each day.

Hopefully in a few months, I'll be able to start jogging again but I need to lose some weight first for my knees and joints to handle it.

(Quick note: I'm down to 314 lbs since last week....I think that's a good thing, but we'll see where I'm at next week...)

My blood sugar is...Really high. Even after the first few days of metformin and hiking, I'm around 14.4 mmol/L but today it was trending down....I need to practice what I preach here on Hive when it comes to my health...Slow and steady. I'm not going to get this way down in a day or less, so I need to keep at it.

And here's why this is so important to me...


My reasons why....

Sure, I wanna be healthy and live a long life...But I REALLY want to be there for my wife and 3 sons.

I'm way too young to tap out now, so over the next few months expect a lot of posts like this...To keep myself on task and for those that might wanna follow my journey too.

Anyone reading this that might feel 'bulletproof youth' will be there forever, it's not...Take the steps now so that you don't have to pop pills in the future or even worse.

Enough talk....I've got pounds to shed and blood sugar to lower :)